Analog x FatKidOnFire - [Brand Highlight]

Analog x FatKidOnFire

[Brand Highlight]

I started the new job today, so apologies to the Facebook and Twitter followers for the lack of updates! Luckily the evenings are fairly free over the coming weeks and the new content pipeline is looking as promising as ever – so the site (in the ever approaching run up to FKOF2.0) will be updated fairly regularly.

Tonight sees Chris discuss an innovation I recently discovered at a press day…

As you may have seen, a few weeks ago Wil went down to see PR agency Coffin on Cake.  They handle all sorts of great brands, and the AW12 Press Day saw those brands putting out some really interesting products. For those of you who missed it, you can find Wil’s write up of his findings here.

One of the ranges that caught our eye in particular was the ‘Wheel Wash‘ collection from Analog. After hearing how keen we were on the range, Coffin on Cake were kind enough to send over some more information on the process, as well as a few images…

Analog basically chuck a load of skateboard wheels into a wash with the denim (rather than the stones used in stonewash denim and so on). I think it’s a really interesting process, and whilst at first glance a little gimmicky, by all accounts it’s actually worked perfectly to create some super soft denim! I’m also a bit of a sucker for quirky stuff like this, and think it lends a great story and slice of personality to the products. Read on for some slightly more in-depth information from the guys themselves…

“The difference between using stones or wheels can be felt in the denim and cotton – stones break down the denim, whereas wheels act as a softener and add a smooth, cool hand feel to your jeans.”

‘The process, unique to Analog, replaces traditional washing stones with used skateboard wheels that have accumulated miles of street dirt and grease, from Analog’s core team or riders and that of their store partners globally, giving the finished products a soft brushed feel and a relaxed look.

AW12 sees a range of pants, premium tee’s and outerwear denim jackets.  This season’s Wheel Wash pants range includes AG Chinos in Soft Red, Khaki and Navy, the LITHIUM Wheel Wash™ slim fit Remer denim with sanding and tacking and Dylan Reider’s Crosby™ and Lithium™ treatments on his signature cuts.’

Premium slim fitting contrast pocket tee’s in Vellum, Crimson Red and True Black, made with 100% cotton 40 singles and treated with Wheel Wash, compliment the pants alongside 100% cotton mid-scale brushed Wheel Wash Flannel shirts with selvage detailing and over-dye finishing.  To complete the silhouette Analog’s Origin denim jacket with Sherpa lined collar and flannel lining receives the heavier Crosby Wheel Wash treatment, with sanding and tacking.

All products are available in select retailers nationwide, prices range from £35 to £110.

I’m a stickler for a good story, even more so for one with an ecological and environmental twist. This one’s an awesome brand taking a pretty quirky idea and making it work – and I can attest to the quality and feel of the Analog Wheel Wash garments. Denim that’s definitely unrivalled in its finish and feel!

Hit the Analog website up for a look through their current offering, or hit the ‘Select Retailers’ link above to find your nearest stockist. Thanks and love to Coffin on Cake (as always) for their help with the info (and the press day invite) – I thoroughly recommend checking them out!

Peace, love and respect.