Argo – Nooo - FKOF Review

Argo – Nooo

FKOF Review

Argo - Nooo EP

We always knew Argo was destined for great things. Even with his debut release that we signed back in 2013/2014, we knew the French producer/ DJ had that something special you need in the dubstep sound.

Over the last few years, we’ve watched Arnaud has started to cement his standing in the dubstep community. He followed FKOFd007 with a number of appearances with the Encrypted Audio crew and saw an inaugural vinyl release with Trojan Audio earlier this year.

Today, we’re premiering the A-side from his next release – the title track in the next EP from J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music imprint.

Much like J:Kenzo’s ‘Battlefield’, the ‘Nooo’ EP opens with the title track. ‘Nooo‘ is classic Argo, a weighty kick that announces the impending depth that rolls in with the first drop.

As you’d expect from a producer as skilled as the Parisian, ‘Nooo‘ is a relatively simple tune – beats, bass and space – but has everything you want and need as a fan if you like it deep and dark. The break and second drop bring some Commodo-esque synths float into the soundscape for added detail and vibe.

B1, ‘Glowz‘, takes things to a slightly trappier, 808-inspired level with its slow, looping groove and crisp hi-hats. Tempos peak and trough, allowing the 808 bass to land with the weightiest impact possible. I’ve yet to experience this on a system (but it’s incredible on Subpac’s S2) but I’m 90% sure it’s guaranteed reload material. That theme follow swith B2, ‘Stigma‘, which is a slightly lighter (or grimier? Haven’t quite decided) affair – but one that retains the quality of the rest of Argo’s debut Artikal release.

Precise Mastering, as we’ve come to expect, have smashed the masters. Overall, ARTKL024 is another quality addition to both Artikal and Argo’s back catalogue. Both have had a stellar 2016 and this seems to be the best way both could’ve rounded off the year. The release drops in two weeks – on the 16th of December – via the usual suspects…


Peace, love and respect.