Airfee x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Airfee x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

The past month, although I’ve been off work and focusing efforts FKOF2.0 and the other upcoming projects, it’s been a pretty good one for new mixes, features and the rest here on FatKidOnFire.

Tonight sees a refresh on a recent FKOF free download (which you’ll find embedded below) and a new Artist Highlight

Korrupt introduced me to Airfee with the FKOF free download you can find below. Kermit recently hit me up with the mix below and we decided to make a post of it. Peep the Airfee bio below and then grab both the mix and free download below…

“The name Airfee has no real meaning behind it, it just sounded cool at the time I chose it! I’ve been making chill dubstep for a while but only got into the darker stuff a couple of months ago after I heard tunes from Biome and Kaiju etc.

“I had my first release on Aenaria Records with a 120bpm tune on a chillout compilation. After that I had a release on Future Follower Records with the tunes ‘Your Attention/ The Mist‘, ‘Your Attention’ got featured on and peaked at 32 on the Track It Down dubstep charts!

“I’ve recently had a release on a new label called Skeng Records with the tracks ‘Dank/ Lighter‘. Other than that, I’ve been asked to do a remix for Badeshi of his track ‘Master Of Barren Lands’, with Gutcha on the other remix. I’ve got a release planned with Badeshi for his label ‘Other Brother’ as well – and I’ve just finished a remix for a garage producer L.S. (which is in the mix). Finally(!) my lastest release planned is an EP with my tunes ‘Roads/ Bring It Back/ In The Air’ which might include some remixes.

“If you have time, I’m also part of a Ustream trio under the name ‘Alternate Arts’, we mix DnB, grime and dubstep. Lock in!”

Airfee’s gone in with his half hour mix, with tunes from Demon, Biome, Pheral, Lurka and many more! Definitely sounds I can get behind and support. Grab the download and head a bit further down for the FKOF free if you haven’t nabbed that already…


Korrupt‘s review of Airfee’s ‘Walls’:
“The track starts with an epic-sounding intro. I’m really feeling the low vocal samples in the background, they’re nicely layered and all over the spectrum.

“There’s a nice and clear use of hi-hats and the samples used make my head spin, well played by Airfee! The kick pounds nicely, sounding really clean in the mix – not to overpowering, giving other elements their own space. The kick helps a lot with the build up of the track and it’s great how all elements fade away right before the drop!

“The drop is heavy, really feeling those basslines at the midrange, nicely resonating in the mix. The low-end is full, just straight weight, and is compressed nicely and is placed well underneath the mix. The percussion is spot on, sounding very crisp and clean in the mix. The samples used convey a mystical/mythical vibe, constantly changing patterns and are simply amazing.

“The break sounds similar to the intro of the track, but this doesn’t bother me at all. The second drop is a heavy-hitter, straight weight and darkness coming at you again, simply hypnotising! There’s great development on the growls, they are reaching far – fantastic!
Another sick production by Airfee, keep an eye on this man, a danger to the scene! Personally I would rinse this tune at every gig I go to, this one murks me everytime I listen to it.”

Peace, love and respect.