DFRNT x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

DFRNT x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

[This week’s been pretty mental – having my last day at Hoop, scooting down to Bristol and then spending Thursday/ Friday covering the digital festival in Bath (apologies to anyone on the receiving end of the fairly massive tweet stream)! Which of course meant FatKidOnFire content got but on the back burner (the only downside of having 24 hours in a day – there are never enough).

But fear not. There’s two or three new MakeItGood x FKOF mixes and features to go live this week (#101 will follow this post at some point today) as well as the first #100 brand feature (which is being finalised at the moment). I’ll also be announcing the winner from the #FKOFParlez comp (there’s still time to enter if you haven’t yet) at some point this week as well!
Oh, and there’ll be a very special Compatition coming at some point in the next 10 days or so – so keep your EYEZ out if you fancy becoming a VIP (two not so subtle clues for you there)…]

The artist highlight posts I’ve started running seem to be going down with you guys quite well, so it looks like there’ll be more coming on FKOF over the next few months.

One artist that recently caught my eye was Alex DFRNT – who finds time to run the Echodub and Cut labels, edit/ produce the amazing Modus print mag, write/ run Sitting Innovation as well as hosting the ever awesome fortnightly Insight podcast. Oh and Alex also (somehow?!) works a day job and runs his own consultancy business on top of all that (I guess I can’t really complain about ever having enough time).

Anyhow. Slight tangent there. DFRNT’s crowdsourcing the funding for his next album – a craze that’s sweeping across the world (have a look at Kickstarter for an idea of what I mean) and changing how independents will fund their projects both now and in the future…

I got in touch with Alex to ask him about the project and have built a semi-interview out of the few emails we bounced back and forth:

Hi DFRNT! For those not in the know, who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Alex, I produce as DFRNT (amongst other things) and I produce electronic music (mostly) with strong influence from techno, house, garage and bass music. I guess dubstep was a big inspiration in the first instance, but actually what dubstep has now gone on to become has for me, ruined what it had and stood for in the first instance. Some might feel it was inevitable, or that I shouldn’t complain – so I won’t go on about it.

What made you try crowdfunding for the new album?

After considering Kickstarter for a previous Echodub project that didn’t quite work out (sadly), I felt it might be worth trying again. LoDubs had just run a successful Kickstarter campaign, and my brother had just run a campaign with IndieGoGo to fund a short documentary he was working on.

I felt that provided I could make sure the people who donated to my cause got more than their money’s worth in return then it would definitely be worth doing. I liked the fact that as opposed to Kickstarter (where it’s an “all or nothing” type model), with IndieGoGo, if I don’t make my target, I still get the funds I make, which means I can consider a tiered approach to the project.

Kickstarter also requies that you have an American bank account to run the project, and although I’d got round that obstacle, it wasn’t ideal considering my location is the UK at the moment. IndieGoGo just worked better as a platform (and their new re-design looks rather nice).

What implications do you think crowdfunding has for the future?

I love the way the system works holistically, and it’s really great to see people who are willing to put their trust in me to get the album pressed ahead of them actually hearing it. It’s turned the traditional music buying process on its head really – and for those who have donated, it’s cut out the stores and middle men like distribution (since they are buying product directly from me). I love that it’s changed things, and provided there’s no major legal implications, I’d definitely push it as something for people to do in future.

Funding for ‘Fading’ is roughly two thirds away from reaching the target amount of $5,000. Listen to the album’s promo mix below, and if you’re feeling Alex’s work or the idea itself (which I’m hoping more people jump on) why not donate a few notes? The perks for the tiered donation amounts ($10-1,000) are listed on the IndieGoGo page – but you can get the album and credit in the release’s notes by simply donating $10. Bloody bargain if you ask me!

Peace, love and respect.