HE3Dless x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

HE3Dless x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a while since the last Artist Highlight here on FatKidOnFire, but Korrupt hit me up recently with the following…

Jeff van der Post, better known as his ‘basement producer’ alias HE3Dless, was recently signed to Rotterdam’s Mindtrick Records. His debut release, called ‘Perspective Change’, consists of four tracks (all of which are streamable from the embedded SoundCloud player below).

Jeff started his HE3Dless project in May of this year and says:

“It’s music filled with breakbeats, self-recorded samples and a lot of soundscapes – Ambient, Deep basses and Grooviness added to fill up the dance-floor!”

Mindtrick hit us up a few weeks back after deciding to give away one of the tracks from the EP. Pretty nice of them huh?! We’re stoked to support both HE3Dless and Mindtrick out with an Artist Highlight post (along with the standard Korrupt review), so check it out – and most importantly if you like what you hear:

-> Please BUY the whole release! <-


Korrupts review of HE3DLess’ ‘Lousebath’:

“You’re immediately confronted with a very poppy kick which comes through the mix clearly along with a pretty peaceful pad in the background. I’m really feeling the glitchy sounds that you can hear from time to time – they add a lot to the ambient soundscapes present. There’s some nice panning going on as well! The hi-hats sound very clear and, combined with the other percussive elements present in the intro, help fill the space and build up towards the first drop.

“The drop is heavy, the low-end reaches very deep into the sub-regions of the mix (which sound very warm – which is very important because otherwise the vibe would be completely different). Well chosen and well done by HE3Dless. There are great variations in the drum patterns used throughout the mix, they work well with the different percussive elements come in. The ARP used on that high sounding element constantly builds up towards some sort of climax!

“I can’t really hear a break in this mix, HE3Dless uses short breaks to remove any repetitive feelings. It’s nice to hear how the track is built down element per element, nice and slowly.

“This is a quality production by HE3Dless, definitely showing that he’s all over the deep basslines and glitchy ambient sounds. Make sure to keep an eye on him and his future work, support Mindtrick Records and of course please buy the whole release if you like this track!”

Peace, love and respect.