Musslo x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Musslo x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

There’s times during my working day (and, to be honest, this applies to my time outside of that) where I stumble across something that I know will be awesome.

When I first heard Musslo‘s ‘DeepMeditation’, I was pretty damn impressed. When I heard the Just1 and FKOF fam Arkwright remixes, I jumped on the SoundCloud messages and hit Musslo up.

So here we are, Musslo’s first release and FatKidOnFire’s first ever ‘FKOF Remix EP’…

Click to DOWNLOAD Musslo’s ‘DeepMeditation’

Korrupt‘s review:
“Great introduction. You’re immediately confronted with a nicely pounding kick and some amazing samples setting a very chill vibe! Those guitar-sounding samples are amazing, I love how they are panned and delayed, flows nice above the deep and mysterious pads in the background. Amazing filter on the hi-hats, fading away with a nice delay as well! It builds up towards the drop, which is very deep and highly meditative (as the track-title suggests)!

“The low-end holds some serious weight; it’s nicely compressed and comes in the mix really clean… Straight pressure! There’s nice control over it as well: when listening to the progression in the mix as a whole, well played by Musslo. The percussion is on point and sounds very clean – and there are some nice variations throughout the mix. There are some great elements involved, for example the drum patterns are on point, sounding minimal and fitting nicely with the vibe that spins off the other integral elements in this track. A meditative roller to ease the mind, sit back and enjoy this big tune by Musslo!”

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Musslo kindly put a short bio together:

“My name is Danny Ayres, I’m 16 and have been producing under the name Musslo for 8 months now. I’ve always loved music, I used to be a big metalhead a few years ago but I’ve now found a place in my heart for every kind of music (from death metal to classical).

I started producing dubstep and, then through experimenting with different styles, I found solitude with the deep percussive meditative rhythms – while still occasionally branching out to make something more ‘filthy’ (or a different genre altogether).

I’m still very new to the scene so this is my first release, other than me just putting my tracks on my SoundCloud. It seems a bit much considering I’m just a kid in his bedroom making some tunes for something to do, I’ve never aimed to take producing seriously, if I’m bored I’ll sit down and work on a tune for a little until I find something else to do!

Be expecting much more from me in the near future, by the time you are reading this I’ll have started my Music Technology Diploma at college – so there’ll be a whole load more tunes and free stuff every now and then.

Big thanks to all the Wil for pushing the sounds! Big thanks to the guys Nub and Sam for their amazing remixes as well! Thanks for listening.”

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Click to DOWNLOAD Just1’s ‘DeepMeditation’ remix

Korrupt’s review:
“I’m feeling the keys coming in the mix right away. If you listen closely, there are some quite confusing hats in the beginning that sound a bit off-beat, cool move in my opinion. Nice to hear there is a nice amount of delay used in this remix as well.

“A similar approach to the intro as the original version by Musslo, seeing some patterns which, in my opinion, is a good thing. I love the water drop sample, the choirs and then that sick voice sample leaving a big message to the listener.

“The low-end is a heavy meditative element flowing under the mix, nice pressure and compression. Nice drum patterns, I love how they change up at certain bars and come back later in the mix. The break is amazing, with nice build up towards the drop, and that voice sample extension is sick, saving the last message for last, nice work on that one.

“The dark vibes are present nicely, great combination with the other elements with more spacious sounds coming in after – panned elements everywhere – especially that tribal percussion up top. Sick remix by Just1, another quality track on a sick remix EP!”

Again, we’ve got a short bio from Just1 if you’ve not come across him before:

“I am 21 years old and live in Munich. Somewhere, sometime I found some Bob Marley CDs in my brother’s room and I listened to them endlessly!

I went to different reggae festivals and loved the vibe of the people and music. At some point, I listened to dubstep. After that, I started DJing and producing my own tunes with a beatmaker on my mobile phone – just to share the music with friends. I’ve been producing on PC for 2 years now and upload my stuff on SoundCloud now to reach more people! Big thanks to Wil for the support!”

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Click to DOWNLOAD ArkWright’s ‘DeepMeditation’ remix

Korrupt ‘s review:
“This one’s another lovely remix. You can hear more of the elements from the original track come by, well adapted and implemented – like the guitar riffs! Great reversed effects on them, I love how the samples have reversed effects on them!

“You’re confronted with some on-point percussion, containing very nice and clear samples! Amazing delay on that vocal sample which adds a lot to the drop of the track. The drop is sick, what a pounding kick and that low-end is total vibes. It’s straight weight and flows so freely under the mix as a whole! The control on it is well played, this one definitely is a deep meditative tune!

“I think it’s great how sax samples are implemented followed by some other peaceful keys. If you listen closely after the break, you hear new percussion come in, impressive! Suddenly the drum patterns change and so does the low-end.

“There’s great development from Arkwright throughout the track, samples are in place and creating this spacious flow in my mind. This is a track I could play any time!”

Find Arkwright on:

There you have it. Three different artists and three interpretations of Musslo’s ‘DeepMeditation’. I’m so stoked all three were keen on giving their work away on FKOF – and hopefully you guys are too!

Peace, love and respect.