My Nu Leng x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

My Nu Leng x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

I’m going to keep tonight’s Artist Highlight super short (but super sweet) – partly because it’s been a long first week at the new job but mostly because the mix you’ll find below says enough without me babbling on…

[Original image by Daisy B Photography]

My Nu Leng first properly came to my attention with their feature on Hedmuk (one of the finest digital publications supporting the finer dubstep sounds) – which is well worth checking out if you’ve not read up or listened to the associated mix.

Short bio for the My Nu Leng boys below:

“A Bristol- & London-based duo who have quietly been building up a lot of support over the last half a year or so, My Nu Leng first came to our attention with the lurching ‘Fireflies’ as a standout track on their debut ‘Fireflies EP’ on MindStep late last year, and since then have been impossible to pin down as they continually bring something fresh to the table with their beats. Switching with ease between a range of styles around the 130bpm mark, and with crisp production to boot, it’s hard to pin down a particular genre in which they fit.

Recently signed to Paramount Artists with a busy calendar of bookings & a weekly show on Rood FM; the forthcoming ‘Time Goes By’ release (featuring J-One on the remix duties & out next month) on MindStep Music; the anticipated ‘Fireflies Remix EP’ featuring a VIP & remixes from Tunnidge & more; a forthcoming EP on LNUK featuring the highly anticipated ‘Damp’ with a remix from Last Japan and remixes for a whole host of artists, it seems that the My Nu Leng have built themselves a solid platform from which to take on 2012.”

The MNL boys got in touch last night with the somewhat superb mix you’ll find below, asking if I’d be interested in hosting their latest selection of the finest bass music tunes around. I jumped at the chance – and if you download or listen to the mix you’ll hopefully understand why!


Track list:

  1. The Phantom – Arctic (Devil Mix) [Senseless]
  2. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka – Creeper [50Weapons]
  3. Henry & Louis – Love Like (Pinch remix) [Forthcoming 2 Kings]
  4. Joy O & Boddika – Mercy [Swamp 81]
  5. My Nu Leng – WaltaKnocks [Forthcoming LNUK]
  6. South London Ordnance – Ordnance Dub [Dub]
  7. Masters At Work – The Ha Dance (Ken/Lou mix) [Cutting]
  8. Mak & Pasteman – Give It Up [Dub]
  9. My Nu Leng – Damp [Forthcoming LNUK]
  10. Boxwork – Pressureface [Dub]
  11. Mosca – Orange Jack [3024]
  12. Pusherman – Fireworks (Squarehead remix) [Dench!]
  13. Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside [Swamp 81]
  14. FCL – More Than Seven (Instrumental) [We Play House]
  15. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson – Need U Back [Exploited]
  16. My Nu Leng & Majora – Hips N Thighs (Boxwork remix) [Dub]
  17. Mak & Pasteman – Leave it Alone [Dub]
  18. Ooko – Sex Sells (My Nu Leng remix) {Forthcoming Mimm]
  19. Boxwork – Leak [Dub]
  20. Pasteman & Tanka – Get Screwin’ (My Nu Leng remix) [Forthcoming Dench!]
  21. Wen – Takin’ Over [Dub]
  22. Etch – Spaceman Riddim [Dub]
  23. Atticus Ross – Panoramic [Reprise]
  24. My Nu Leng & Troy Gunner – Hybrid [Dub]
  25. J-One – Make Believe [Dub]
  26. Starkey – Miracles [Planet Mu]
  27. Anex – Hush [Dub]
  28. Calski – Someone’s Missing (Kaiju re-edit) [Dub]
  29. Eleven8 – Untitled [Dub]
  30. My Nu Leng – Time Goes By (J-One remix) [Forthcoming MindStep]
  31. Anchorsong – Plum Rain [Tru Thoughts]

Happy weekend!

Peace, love and respect.