SoulABC x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

SoulABC x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

[FYI! Given my escalating workload and my inability to proactively control my work/ life/ blogging balance, I’m trialling a few new ideas here on FatKidOnFire over the next few weeks. One of these ideas is short ‘artist highlight’ posts that don’t take me quite as long to write as full features – but still give upcoming artists/ producers/ brands I like a platform to get a bit of exposure. I’m not sure how/ if the series will progress but thought it was worth a go]

Beyoncé’s currently a rather popular remix competition for her latest single, ‘End of Time’. Just out of interest, I’ve been attempting to keep an eye/ ear on the entries and was contacted by one of the entrants last week.

I’d not come across the hugely talented SoulABC before Dan emailed me his entry to the competition – a lovely summery, garage-esque take on the single – but had a listen through his tunes and was blown away by his range of talents on the buttons. To find out more about SoulABC, you can follow Dan on Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud.

SoulABC (Daniel Fawzi, 21) is a young up and coming producer from Newcastle Upon Tyne creating a unique mix of soul influenced sounds ranging from hip-hop through to UK garage. Currently studying at London College of Music, SoulABC first started his career as a session musician performing live at Leeds Festival and on Radio 1 sessions at the world-renowned Maida Vale studios. Growing up listening to his mother’s Motown/Pop records and his father’s reggae and African styles, Daniel was brought up hearing a range of sounds. This  knowledge of a wide spectrum of genres is what he believes has helped to make his compositions stand out from others. Currently working on his first release entitled ‘About The Little Things…’, he is also working on a EP series of collaborative material with a variety of artists under the name ‘AKOE’ (All Kinds Of Everything).

You can’t embed the entered remixes from the remix competition website, but they seem to be hosting each entry from the entrant’s SoundCloud – so you’ll find the SoulABC remix below this little message from Dan. If you like his track, give it a vote!

‘As most people have already noticed, Beyonce is currently holding a competition giving anyone the chance to remix her track ‘End of Time’. Fans can download the stems for free from her website and submit their remix for the chance to appear on an upcoming Beyonce release. I don’t have to explain how amazing that prize would be for any artist! I decided to re-do the song with a UK Garage touch, I highly doubt I will even make it into the Top 50 tracks but I would really appreciate your help, if you could spare 10 seconds to play/ vote for it – you would really make my day. Thanks for your time and big thanks to FatKidOnFire! SoulABC’

Peace, love and respect.