Subreachers x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Subreachers x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

Last time we caught up with Subreachers, one of Belgium’s premier dubstep producer/ DJs, in the MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire series back in October of 2011, they came correct with one of my favourite mixes from the entire series (and it still is).

Things have changed for the duo since then, and with a new physical/ digi release on Belgium-based imprint Warriorz Records dropping earlier this week, we caught up with Matthias for an update, a new mix and a cheeky FKOF free download…

Subreachers' WRZ005

Easy Matthias, how are you? You’re just back from Outlook – how was it? What you saying about 2013; heading back over to Croatia for next year’s festival? All good Wil, thanks! Outlook was really insane.

The location is crazy, the stages are sick – the line ups are too. I can honestly say it’s very hard to find a stage with really bad music. As always, the most important thing for me was the sound & it did not disappoint me (anywhere), almost every stage had Funktion One!

We had some bad luck with the weather on Friday & Saturday so we had to fight the rain. But I’m definitely going back next year for a sunny festival with hopefully some boat party bookings (haha)! 

Jay 5ive, Author, DBridge b2b Jubei & SP:MC, Kromestar & Oneman all did it for me there.

It’s been a while since Subreachers last featured on MIG x FKOF. What’s changed for you since then? First off; Tim has left Subreachers so I’m doing it on my own now.

I’ve had some nice bookings in Denmark, Germany & of course Belgium (Untitled! & Anti-Matter).

Release-wise, ‘The Challenge’ was released on Tallan’s Redshift-One, ‘Cosmos’ with RDG on Kraken & of course my new release on Warriorz that dropped this Monday just gone (10th September)!

What have you got planned for the rest of the year? What should we be looking out for? I’ve recently signed some tunes on Aquatic Lab so I hope they get released ASAP.

I’m starting with the long-awaited ‘Tidals VIP‘ alongside some others..So watch out for that label!

I’m hoping to play out more as well, as I’ve not had a lot of bookings so far this year.

Tell us about your next release on Warriorz – how did that one come about? Mate & Fudge are well known in Belgium with their After12 nights in Ghent & they started Warriorz a few months ago. As I’m working in a record store those releases flew in every few months.

I like how they support the Belgian producers, so when they asked me if I was up for a release, being vinyl, combined with a lot of effort in the design etc., I was totally up for it & I’m very happy with the ‘purple’ result! 

Lastly, name three dubstep artists we should all be following – any dubs that are setting off the dances?

Matthias was kind enough to sort MIG x FKOF a new mix, 21/25 of the tracks being dubs. It’s as good as the previous Subreachers mix – so definitely one to download!


Track list:

1. SP:MC – Trust Nobody [Tempa]
2. Foreign Beggars ft. Alix Perez – LDN [Never Say Die]
3. Dubtek – Cold Fusion [Dub]
4. V.I.V.E.K – Out Of Reach [Deep Medi]
5. Kaiju – Myagi [dub]
6. Ill K – Cornflakes (Bukez Finezt remix) [dub]
7. RDG – Ayahuasca [dub]
8. Dubtek – Galaxies [dub]
9. Kaiju – Sniper Situation [dub]
10. Gantz – Low Lands [dub]
11. Subreachers – Annular [dub]
12. Perverse – Chameleon [dub]
13. Core ft. Riko – The King [dub]
14. ARtroniks – Onset [dub]
15. Ipman – Flipmode [dub]
16. Subreachers – Sliced [dub]
17. Kiev – Extinction (Subreachers remix) [dub]
18. Gantz – Tesseract [dub]
19. Mala – Cuba Electronic [Brownswood]
20. Squarewave – The Heist [dub]
21. Subreachers – Debt Charger [dub]
22. Truth – Gaza [dub]
23. Jay 5ive & Kromestar – Clearly Distorted [dub]
24. J:Kenzo – Invaderz [Tempa]
25. Truth – Southern Nights [dub]

To celebrate the release of the latest Subreachers EP, FKOF and Warriorz have joined forces to give one of the tracks on the digital release away. You can grab ‘Return 2 Reality’ for free below and follow the buy links to get the release in its entirety. Can’t fault the tunes Matthias and the Warriorz guys have put with this one, I definitely recommending picking the release up!


Korrupt’s review of Subreachers’ ‘Return 2 Reality’:

“You’re immediately sucked into the track, confronted with some sick crisp hi-hats (which are nicely sequenced). The pads are nicely layered and flow around in the mix and I love the waterdrop/ crackle sample that adds some deepness to the piece.

“The drop is heavy, what a control on the low-end – really impressed! It’s goes deeper with new basslines dropping in at different bars. The kick pounds hard and is well present in the mix – fitting with the snare, which is snappy and clear-sounding. The growls are face-melters, nicely reverb’d and resonating – with new ones coming in at different bars, impressive. The development of the pads sound nice, the atmosphere is very creepy and mysterious. The drum patterns are straight to the point, really well composed and positioned with the percussion up top.

“The break sounds enthralling with a nice build-up to towards the second drop! The second drop is hard, with nice new low-end patterns involved. I love how the short little sub-bassline repeats really fast! There are some nice sounds towards the end of the track as well. I really enjoyed listening to this one!”

Click the buy link in the embedded SoundCloud player to pick up the rest of the release – or follow the links below:

Check your local vinyl dealer or all good online shops:

Digital buyers check all your usual portals:

Peace, love and respect.