ARtroniks x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

ARtroniks x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a while since we had the privilege of giving away three consistently brilliant tunes – even longer since we heard anything from Gent’s ARtroniks.

With three of my favourite recent FKOF free downloads and three of Korrupt ‘s best reviews, these are the first FKOF free downloads of 2013; ARtronik’s ‘The FKOF EP’.

Korrupt’s review of ARtroniks’ ‘Boundless’:
“ARtroniks applies reverb to the soundscapes in the background of ‘Boundless’, adding good space to the mix. A resonating bassline and a diverse and ‘Eastern-sounding’ pad set in and then disappear with the percussion. ARtroniks gives the tune space to fulfill the climax and leads into the first drop…

“The drop is enthralling, where sample-use plays an important role in giving ‘Boundless’ a special ‘soul’. A diverse spectrum of elements are involved and the low-end rolls nicely in the sub area of the mix. The mid-range comes fully forward as well – what a mixdown! A poppy kick and a snappy snare combine with a constantly changing percussion to sound really striking.

“The soundscapes slow into the break – which then builds up into the second drop. ‘Boundless’ develops until the percussion disappears, while the rest of the elements slowly degrade and the beautiful pads disappear into nothingness.

“ARtroniks doesn’t seem to have any boundaries on what he produces; this is one of those tunes that can easily fit in any tracklist!”


Korrupt’s review of ARtroniks’ ‘Control’:
“The keys at the beginning of ‘Control’ act as the ‘peaceful’ lead of the tune. It develops as minimal percussive elements add to an amazing build up. The choirs in the background sound deep giving this tune extra beauty – it’s as if the mix is breathing – becoming its own entity.

“The drop is hard yet quite subtle thanks to the beautiful keys used, while the pounding kick and the massive snappy snare leave a serious statement. ARtroniks has applied different effects on elements throughout the tune. For example, on the percussion: there’s a perfect panned delay right after the impact of the snare, placed in a very intelligent way but without becoming repetitive. The growly basslines move freely within the mid-range of the mix, and the low-end radiates full weight in every present bar of the tune. Note the shaker present in the right moments: adding a lot to the pace of the tune while the percussion comes through in a minimal fashion.

“While the growls continue to take form, glitchy sounds hit the mix right before ARtroniks heads into the break. The break is a great moment for reflection, right before the enormous enormous second drop. The second drop brings a constant amount of pressure and every element gets the chance to developing and reach a climax. The elements fade out slowly, while the lead from the start is the last spark of energy left!”

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Korrupt’s review of ARtroniks’ ‘Rest’:
“Emotive pads fade into the mix, evolving in beautiful and complex ways while percussive elements slowly sneak into the mix. A snare hit appears to accentuate the amount of aggression that could be released upon the listener and a widely delayed voice sample brings in the first drop. ??

“The drop consists of an enormous amount of energy, one of ARtroniks’ signatures, where the mid-range growls play a very important role. The low-end flowing in the sub-region is the definition of full-on weight – warm and vibrant. The pounding kick is on point and the snappy snare threatens to do serious damage. Complex percussive elements continue to hit with a serious pace and more of these elements are introduced with perfect timing: ARtronik’s act of surprise.

“The sample that introduces the break is amazing, while the deep and energetic pads continue to form towards a second drop. This drop hits hard, where the listener can hear full development in most of the elements that have already been present – amazing to hear this progression. All elements are balanced out: every single one of them plays an equal role, ultimately forming one whole piece. The second break gives ARtroniks the chance of successfully degrading the tune from something outrageously beautiful and energetic to an idle state or in this case: ‘Rest’.”


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Peace, love and respect.