Forward Forever LP - Author x FatKidOnFire

Forward Forever LP

Author x FatKidOnFire

** UPDATE 12/03/14: Congratulations to our winners Christopher Booth and Sean Anders! **

** UPDATE 11/03/14: Competition now closed **

Last summer, some ten months ago, two of the UK’s finest bass music producers – who, between the two of them, have contributed some of the best music the genre(s) has ever seen – joined forces to release the below promo mix…

Two years after their debut album on Tectonic, 2011’s brilliant self-titled Author, Author’s Ruckspin and J.Sparrow had one again combined their production skills with a number of collaborators, creating a release so highly regarded the 65,000 registered members of Dubstepforum would go on to name Forward Forever as Album of the Year in this year’s Dubstepforum Awards.

While the initial digital and CD release of the album was met with critical acclaim, all was not as it should have been…

Author - Forward Forever

A few weeks after the release, this post from J.Sparrow appeared online – something had gone wrong and Black Box had messed up the album’s marketing alongside the vinyl release. It was a pretty dark time for both Author and their fans. We didn’t know if the vinyl album would every appear – but more importantly if the duo were done with music…

A few weeks later, a response from Black Box surfaced, claiming full responsibility and apologising for the delay in pressing the album to vinyl. In the end, thankfully(!), Ryan didn’t quit music and the two producers stuck with it. Towards the end of last year, we saw the astounding Jah No Dead remix competition and just a few weeks ago, almost out of the blue, we were greeted with the following status:

“After a long wait the vinyl of “Forward Forever is on it’s way! New artwork too 🙂 xxx”

Author - Forward Forever

And here it is. Limited to just 400 copies, the vinyl release sees the 12 track album cut down to 2xLP with 8 of the best tracks. And, because Author are awesome, we’ve got two copies to give away…

The Rules

– To enter, tell us either of the track titles for the hidden tracks on Author’s debut album.
– How do you enter? -> Click here <- and follow the instructions.
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– You have until Monday 10th March to enter. We’ll review entries and pick the winners after that.
– How do you know if you’ve won? We’ll contact you via email and update this post with the winners!

Good luck!

If you missed the Break Yourself FKOF free download from last year, you can grab the download and check the review on SoundCloud here.
If you’d rather pay for
Forward Forever, you can grab the vinyl release from Redeye, the digital release from Juno and the CD from Chemical


Peace, love and respect.