B9 – Kiburu - FKOF Review

B9 – Kiburu

FKOF Review

Only a year into operations, Miami-based imprint Version Collective have ventured into new avenues with their latest release. After five consistently impressive digital releases alongside a (free) compilation showcasing many scene favourites, the label are launching their physical outfit with Australia’s mastermind B9.

B9 - Kiburu (VCV001)

The 12-inch release, catalogued as VCV001, contains much sought-after music designed to test even the most specialist sound systems. Since the producer first uploaded Kiburu on his SoundCloud, the tune’s been (quite rightly) often requested on vinyl. The two relatively new Haribo and Toofta Toofta tracks strengthen the release’s impact; forcing this dubstep record into the essential part of your record bag.

Haribo goes full force with its smashing percussion, an addictive bassline and hypnotising atmospheres. The elements converge to create B9’s 2016 sound, one which near ritualistic summoning the evil spirits through your speakers. Nasty but oh so worth it.

Kiburu is a tune of unimaginable magnitude: its confident motion in percussion, bassweight and flow forms the essence of B9’s signature dub repertoire. Dark flavours in the first few bars blend effortlessly with the peculiarly jazzy sound the producer’s known for.

Subtle hints through some near extraterrestrial FX programming glue this piece together — watch those transitions too.

If you’re all about wobbling sub bass, Toofta Toofta is the tune for you. It unwinds smoothly with the help of lively vinyl samples. These sounds swirl around a subliminal message that represents love and unity. You’re then drenched in an original dubstep vibe that only B9 can achieve.

Travis Baker, more commonly known as B9, really is in a league of his own. The Version Collective affiliate and Chord Marauders artist pursues his inventive take on dubstep music with the VCV001 release. The tunes are housed on an essential heavyweight record — yours to support from the end of June

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Peace, love and respect.