Bacon Dubs – Evolution LP - FKOFFRLP002

Bacon Dubs – Evolution LP


We’ve been working with Bacon Dubs founder Sparxy on and off for a number of years, both as an individual producer/ DJ and guiding figure behind one of dubstep’s finest young labels.

When we gave away our first ever free album last year, Rat’s brilliant Around The World In 80 Riddims, I wasn’t sure how long it would be before we were in a position to offer up FKOFFRLP002. Sparxy got in touch earlier this year, saying he was in the process of putting together a compilation of Bacon Dubs artists. He wanted to know if we’d be interested in hosting and, given our history of working together, not to mention the quality of the music involved, we all got pretty excited at the idea of working together on what became known as the Evolution LP.

This 11 track compilation features a number of old and new artists to the Bacon Dubs imprint, representing the range of sounds the label has come to support over its three plus years in existence. The album is also Bacon Dubs’ first exploration into long player territory!

It really is an honour to be today releasing the Evolution LP and you guys will hopefully enjoy it as much as we have. Thanks to Matt for thinking of us when giving the album a home – and thanks to all the artists involved! You’ve all killed it.

Korrupt has worked his magic with the FKOF reviews and we’ve got the original promo mix for your enjoyment as well. WAV direct downloads are on SoundCloud and you can grab the 320 zip (with artwork) from Mediafire – both from the links below…

Download 320s (125MB)
Download WAVS (SoundCloud)

BaconDubs - Evolution LP

207File Error [FKOF Review]

“207 opens Bacon Dubs’ monstrous Evolution LP with a gigantic roller. File Error explores the depths of intelligent and autonomic soundscapes, creating a tune that sweeps in and out of the sound field. A set of hi-hats point to the roots of tribalism, while dragging you onto the destructive path of numerous hypnotic patterns that swerve along a number of different directions.”

Deafblind & ReamzToo Future [FKOF Review]

“Deafblind and Reamz’s Too Future sets sail to a mystical world, one where sharp mid-ranges fly attack your ears with juicy precision. These are two producers providing a serious statement – and their collaboration takes the use of low-frequency oscillators to higher grounds. Deafblind & Reamz demonstrate their masterpiece without a glimpse of remorse;  Too Future is a tune that will straight up destroy any given dance across the world.”

Yungwanz – Trican [FKOF Review]

“With Trican, Yungwanz has created a maelstrom of sounds that may put an evil grin on any meditator. The tune disperses its energy through heavily layered pounds, which induce an almost primitive level of fear in the listener. The repetitiveness of the main beat pattern moves to distort your reality with an overruling power from the intimidating low end…”

DubApes ft. The ParaNoxElysian Warfields [FKOF Review]

“An overruling flute instigates a symbolic arrangement of percussive hits, guiding the listener through the depths of the jungle DubApes and The ParaNox reside in. A violin warns you are entering their (potentially dangerous) territory. Tension builds through the pulsating low end, one that works hand-in-hand with the intense strings that attempts to control your mind.”

Reamz – Physical Persuasion [FKOF Review]

“The introduction of Reamz’s Physical Persuasion is a mind trick many won’t expect. The producer has built a drop so huge it has the power to overwhelm your levels of perception. This growler does not just swerve around in space; it instead aims resonant frequencies straight at your chest with deadly force. Reamz fires a brick wall of subbass, ending Physical Persuasion with the return of the intro’s addictive vocal hook.”

SepiaOutbreak VIP [FKOF Review]

“The VIP version of Outbreak acts as a plot changer when compared to the previous tracks that stick to this destructive LP. Sepia surprises you with an arsenal of tightly packed kicks and moody midranges that dig deep into the dream machine inside your mind. A strange vocal creates an extra sphere of confusion in the high-end of the mix, which is controlled by psychotic percussion and a little amen break aftermath that is set to freak-mode.”

D-Operation DropChainsaw [FKOF Review]

“The Italian stallions return to the Bacon Dubs imprint with yet another highly sought-after track; one that will slice you in two, leaving nothing but mess behind. The immediate impact of Chainsaw‘s pulsing low end deals with the unsuspecting while the nostalgic techno switch-up serves to maintain attention levels. Can you handle the true power of the deeply rooted D-Operation Drop collective? Chainsaw will test even the strongest resolve as only the Italian stallions can…”

SkriptahSleepin [FKOF Review]

“Skriptah induces a near lucid state with the use of an ever-occurring sample in the mix. Sleepin‘s skanky flow moves to communicate with your subconscious, looking to your listening experience into a true nightmare. Skriptah unleashes an overwhelming collection of robotic reeses that fit with the Bacon Dubs signature sound and vibe. At the end of the tune, you may come to realise that Sleepin is nothing but a reflection of inception.”

Zeiph – Shapeshifter [FKOF Review]

“Although he’s switched aliases, Zeiph (formerly Ohmtrix) is widely regarded as one of the most exciting upcoming producers – and with a tune like Shapeshifter you can understand why. This sublime production reflects his ability to produce a state-of-the-art piece that fits perfectly with the rest of the Bacon Dub imprint. The vast archive of samples used contribute to a constant transformation of moods, forming one of the standout tracks on this album. Amazing work from an artist worth watching.”

Stella – Ghosts [FKOF Review]

“With Ghosts, Stella brings in a dark cloud and obscures the sunlight, blocking out the light with a thick layer of chaotic arpeggiator work. The producer creates a stable structure for the angry grunts and tribal percussion to combine with. Ghosts is a dark, dark production and Stella, formerly known as Hiloxam (and Eyela Beret) has proven himself yet again. He’s built another devastator; a perfect addition to the Evolution LP.”

SparxyCentaurus [FKOF Review]

“This creation by Bacon Dubs head honcho Sparxy is one that cannot be grabbed by the horns. It’s simply too large to withstand. Sparxy ends the Evolution LP with a production that can be broken down into two critical components: pure bass weight assault and a notorious signature sound that will resonate through your ears for a long time. This is without a doubt one of the purest examples of minimalistic dubstep you can experience, and he’s giving it out for free! A fitting end to a superb album from one of our favourite labels run by one of our favorite artists.”

Bacon Dubs