A Hungarian Revolution - #First keeps Europe's largest skatepark alive

A Hungarian Revolution

#First keeps Europe's largest skatepark alive

In my hunt to further a career in the intersection between technology, culture and music (one that’s spanned a startup, two digital agencies and a few of my own ventures – including FKOF), it’s always great to read about a success story – a story of someone following their dreams and making it happen.

Even more so when it’s a big company giving back to communities and their characters. Below is one such story based in a city I visited a few years ago – and Budapest isn’t really the city you’d expect to find Europe’s largest outdoor skatepark or a story like this one!

“Hungarian professional skateboarder Balázs Jassek, 39, has been skating his whole life. He wanted to give something back to the sport that gave him so much. He wanted to start a ‘skate revolution’ to bring new blood into the sport and revive skateboarding in his city of Budapest.

“Jassek applied to Vodafone’s #First initiative to sponsor the regeneration of his local derelict skate park. As the project ended, he recruited hundreds of skaters to help make his first film and document his drive to refurbish Görzenál.”

Thanks to Leah for her help putting this together
To find out more about the project, watch the full film here
Learn more about #first – and apply – on the campaign’s website here.

Peace, love and respect