Area Recordings x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Area Recordings x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

As fans of crowdfunding here at FatKidOnFire, when we heard one of the UK’s original deep dubstep record labels were using the technique to fund their latest vinyl release, we knew it was a project we could get involved with…

Area Recordings x FatKidOnFire

Be-1ne’s Area Recordings has been giving some wonderful producers (like  Compa, Lysergene, 3rdEye and many more) a home since 2010.

“Area Recordings started as a labour of love back in 2010. As one of, if not the, first deep dubstep labels; our back catalogue of vinyl releases has something for the musically-minded bass music lover.  As of September 2013, Area Recordings no longer has a distribution deal. This is hopefully the start of us connecting directly with our fans to continue releasing quality electronic music on the format we love.

“As a vinyl lover/ buyer I have been constantly looking for way’s in which to create a project which would allow me to share my music, but do this in a way in which I also like to consume it.”

Its back catalogue contains many different faces, where beautiful melodies are unified with dark and complex soundscapes. ??With 8 releases under his belt, Be-1ne is currently looking to add yet another highlight release with a limited run of 12” vinyl featuring his ‘Don’t Start’ and his ‘Steppa’s remix’ of Compa’s ‘Security’ (the label’s sixth release). As Area Recordings currently doesn’t have a distribution deal or a significant amount of revenue to fund the release themselves, Be-1ne is looking to create a limited run of white label vinyl (75 – 100 copies) for the label’s 9th release by using KickStarter.

“Mastering will as always be done with our good friend and mastering legend Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven mastering, and all vinyl will be pressed at optimal in Germany.

“All funds raised will go towards the mastering, manufacture of the finished vinyl record including delivery directly to backers. The recordings will be mastered in November, manufactured in December and the finished vinyl mailed out to backers in January 2014.”

To our knowledge, Area are one of the first labels to use the crowdfunding platform to raise funds to make the move into mastering, producing and distributing their releases solo. We’re all for the independent labels and organisations, so we’ll be funding the project – and hope you do too!

Be-1ne has also said that everyone who backs the project has a chance of winning a dubplate featuring two unreleased tracks from his record box!


Find out more about the project – and back it – on KickStarter here.

Peace, love and respect.