Mos Def and Ben Sherman at #BSXOYO - Out and About on 12/05/11

Mos Def and Ben Sherman at #BSXOYO

Out and About on 12/05/11

So last Thursday we got an invite to Ben Sherman‘s Charity gig at XOYO with Trekstock, Lifebeat and the one and only Mos Def. We took the trusty FatKidOnFire camera down to the event (which then died) so we took some photos on the iPhone (apologies that some of the photos are a bit rubbish) so we could run a recap for those of you who couldn’t reach.

Thanks to Nick and the rest of the crew over at Orange Dot for the invite, Ben and everyone at Sane Communications and everyone else involved in the night. There were a few hiccups but it was all in all an awesome night!

We rolled up to XOYO for 7.30pm on Thursday so see this. The queue stretched from the door of the venue right down to Old Street roundabout – it was massive. Someone we talked to said that 1500 people had applied for tickets, even though capacity at XOYO is around 800. Utter madness.

After we queued for 90 minutes (there was a bit of confusion with guestlists – but we got in eventually) we got through the door and got some awesome little Ben Sherman VIP goodies…

We were handed those plectrums and the wristband and sent on in. We were pretty stoked to realise the plectrums were drink tokens Рseriously nice touch! More on the Plectrum booklet later. We were also stamped with the event hashtag, which was a seriously neat touch. Good to see Twitter getting promoted!

Then we went downstairs to the main room where Mos Def was to be performing. Where we waited. And waited. And waited… There was a bit of waiting involved. The Dj kept the crowd vibing with an interest mix of hip-hop new and old and got more amusing with the more he seemed to drink. Good banter all round!

Finally, Mos Def arrived on stage (unfortunately to a few unhappy boos but quite a few cheers) somewhat fashionably late at 10.40pm. He was amazing (actually amazing) but unfortunately we had to split at 11 for our train home. So we got a few photos and a video before we had to bounce.

It was great to see XOYO packed out, there was a lot of love (and so there should be) for Mos Def. It was truly amazing to see such a hip-hop legend in such an intimate venue. Massive love to Ben Sherman and the rest of the VIP crowd for arranging it all!

Oh and if anyone was wondering about the Ben Sherman Plectrum collection – we’ve seen a few of the pieces from it and it looks amazing! It’s fantastic to see such a British-inspired collection and rest assured we’ll be copping some. For more information on the Plectrum collection, drop Ben Sherman an email and stay locked on their website.

Peace, love and respect.