Benny Ill – VERSION006 - FKOF Review

Benny Ill – VERSION006

FKOF Review

It’s not often you get the opportunity to hear the marriage of old and new on the same release — or even the same tune.

Version’s latest two track EP features exactly this combination: original material from Orson, remixed by the one and only Benny Ill (you may know him via the foundational Horsepower Productions outfit — or his recent release on Loefah’s Swamp81 imprint).

Benny Ill - Version006

Version006 features two remixes from the London-based artist; Rise6 and Dread Drumz.

A-side Rise6 opens with sparse percussive hits and panned synths before launching into a truly sensational kick that brings in the drop. Swirling synths, that weighty percussion, and a looping bassline combine to form a stepper that evokes the early days of the dubstep sound — when dubstep was emerging from the melting pot of garage, 2step and more in south London.

The second drop is what makes the Rise6 remix work; with its raw groove from the extra elements and fantastic percussion. This one’s a tune that’ll get the head nodding and feet moving, that’s for sure!

Dread Drumz follows on the flip; a more sedate affair during the intro but an absolute stomper once the drop rolls in. It really is amazing what you can do with a few drums, a bassline and a few samples. Dread Drumz is, once again, testament to the tried and tested recipe for success — beats, bass and space are what make a tune and this is most definitely a tune. Again, it’s the added elements in the second drop that’ll really inspire the dancefloor to react, the snare alongside the vocal samples and charging low end will get those eyes down and gunfingers up.

Version006 is mastered by the mainstay engineers from Ten Eight Seven (shouts to Beau, as always) and drops this Friday (30th September) on both vinyl and digital formats. You can pre-order via Version or our friends at Unearthed now.

Rise 6
Original produced by Orson at Studio111a, düsseldorf
Remixed by Benny Ill at Maskeliya Sound, Surrey

Dread Drumz
Original produced by orson & hops at studio111a, düsseldorf
remixed by benny ill at maskeliya sound, surrey

Mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven, London
Artwork & photography by Orson Sieverding

Peace, love and respect.