Benton x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Benton x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

We’ve been casting around of how best to celebrate the recent milestone (we still like celebrating them) of reaching 8,000 SoundCloud followers and reaching 4,700 (it’s very nearly 5,000!) Facebook fans here on FatKidOnFire. We’d had a few ideas (some of which are definitely still happening) but when one of my favourite producers hit me up a few hours back earlier today, offering to give us the first (of many, I’m told) of his free EPs, I figured that was a pretty good celebration…

FKOF exclusive: Benton's Free EP Vol 1

Benton‘s been a long-time FKOF family member – I can’t even remember the first time I bumped into the young producer from Epsom but he’s come pretty far since the early days. Just before the release of his recent debut long player, on the one and only Wheel & Deal Records (buy it, it’s awesome), his production desktop died – taking with it a good few of his tunes (including one earmarked for FKOFUn/Known01). Other than the ‘Reflections’ LP, all has been pretty quiet from him since. Until now…

Click to download on each track or download all five here.

1. Benton – Life [FKOF Free Download]
2. Benton – Baby Bass [FKOF Free Download]
3. Benton – Falling [FKOF Free Download]
4. Benton – Music Box [FKOF Free Download]
5. Twisted Individual – Hand Grenade (Benton bootleg) [FKOF Free Download]

Much like his album showcased his skill in traversing multiple bass-led genres, Benton’s Free EP Vol 1 spans a number of differing BPMs. As to be expected, each of the five tunes retain the world-class production levels he has become known for with a healthy dose of bass. This is a definite must have!

Benton hit us up at short notice – so this was a bit of an (awesome) surprise – the Korrupt┬áreviews are forthcoming. Watch out…


Peace, love and respect.