Blynk x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Blynk x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a while since we had anything from Blynk – although he’s featured on FatKidOnFire many times before. When he hit me up at the weekend offering up a tune for a FKOF free download to celebrate reaching 4,000 SoundCloud followers and today being his birthday, I jumped at the chance…

Sam’s Perverse remix didn’t make it on the remix EP we released last year, but it’s his birthday today and we’ve not had a FKOF free download from the Blynk archive for a long time. So here it is in WAV form!

Korrupt‘s review of Blynk’s ‘Despair’ remix:
“A subtle and evolving pad appears as the remix starts, seemingly almost breathing, while an intense choir sucks the listener into the mix. The reverb and delay play an important role, giving the elements an extra dimension. Blynk continues to implement this throughout the whole mix. The resonance present in a lot of the elements inspires amazing chills, without the even tune reaching the first drop.?

“From an enthralling woman’s voice right before the drop sets in, to emotive piano keys that give this tune so much character and flavor, Blynk’s remix radiates uplifting energy. The great balance between the subtle yet present kick and the crystal clear percussion sets the basis of this beautiful tune. With heavy support from the low-end, sounding very vibrant and utterly present, none of the elements within this mix could be missed. ?

“Blynk heads deep through despair, showing the listener the different stages and producing an amazing journey. As progression continues, the use of panning and its power throughout the mix should be noted and not mistaken – excellent implementation by Blynk. The uplifting energy mentioned is present until the very last millisecond of the tune, where the emotion slips through and the soul is touched.

“All coming together as one piece, this one is a gem that deserves a lot attention – Blynk is definitely on top of things. What an excellent remix!”

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Happy birthday Sam!

Peace, love and respect.