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Born In Flamez – Polymorphous

FKOF Review

Born In Flamez - Polymorphous

It’s not often you discover a eclectic mix of musical influences that actually works when combined. It happens, but it’s rare.

Having first discovered Born In Flamez on Boiler Room earlier this year, it immediately struck me that the androgynous musician might be a good example of this successful big bang-type producer/ DJ/ artist collision. And if his/ her debut release on Berlin’s UnReaL Audio is anything to go by, my initial hunch may just be right…

The four track Polymorphous EP documents the producer’s efforts across the audial spectrum he/ she operates in, combining a number of genres without ever sounding confused, lost or overdone. You stream the full release on Noisey Mexico (along with an interview with the producer in Spanish) and the UnReaL team have kindly given us a chance to hear track three, entitled The Coming Insurrection, in its entirety. The release drops via UnReaL on 13/10/14 (available as a 5×5 cm, optical glass pyramid. As you do).

UnReaL Audio
Born In Flamez
Art by Kyselina
Born In Flamez’ Polymorphous EP is out Monday.

Peace, love and respect.