Caspa – 500 - FKOF Review

Caspa – 500

FKOF Review

With few producers being acknowledged for their influence and impact on both the roots and heritage of the true dubstep sound, it’s safe to say Caspa ticks both these boxes. And then some.

After the well-received releases of the two 500: Episodes last year, the anticipation of the producer’s latest long player outing has been rising exponentially. As we’ve heard with the two EPs (soon to be joined by 500: Episode Three), the 500 album marks a welcome return to Caspa’s roots – and it might just welcome in a new era for Caspa’s sound.

Caspa - 500

In our opinion there are a few crowning moments on this album worth mentioning.

Drumstick features the dons Beenieman, Klashnekoff & MC $pyda – and announces itself at a hostile pace while creating primetime madness. Our second favourite inclusion is the epic (and suitably titled) Mad Man, a collaboration between the producer and none other than the legendary Riko – it’s a partnership we had high hopes for and are definitely not disappointed with. The edgy and relentless Submission – a previously unleashed monster (first appearing on 500: Episode One) – makes a threatening statement. It’s a track that reminisces to the dark sound trapped in smokey basements back in 2005 – and is the best single track on the release.

War Drum includes MC $pyda and rules with an anthemic status, demonstrating Caspa’s expertise at crafting a showpiece with careful attention to detail. The dub parade ends with two collaborations and a jungle adventure called Tales of the Unexpected marking a glaring switch up and change in sound. Both Mayhem and Emalkay collabs, as expected, contribute different viewpoints alongside their converging angles of resonance.

500 is the first album from Dub Police founder Caspa since 2013’s Alpha Omega. It’s a distinct collection of flavours, nodding to both early influences as well as a conscious effort to return to the producer’s trailblazing efforts that saw him conquer the clubs and fans across the world. With tunes like Submission, we were always going to rate the release highly – but it excites and pleases in equal measure. Recommended listening!

Track list:

  1. Caspa – Intro
  2. Caspa ft. Beenie Man, Klashnekoff & MC $pyda – Drum Stick Lick
  3. Caspa – Derek
  4. Caspa – 80’s Kid
  5. Caspa ft. Riko – Mad Man
  6. Caspa – Your Time Is Now
  7. Caspa – Stand Your Ground
  8. Caspa – Submission
  9. Caspa – March Of The Marionettes
  10. Caspa ft. MC $pyda – War Drum (Done Talkin’)
  11. Caspa – Foundation Dub
  12. Caspa & Mayhem – London To Atlanta
  13. Caspa & Emalkay – Tomorrow
  14. Caspa – Tales Of The Unexpected


500 is out Monday
Grab digital from Juno here.

Peace, love and respect.