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Causa & Shu — Dubhelmet EP

FKOF Review

With their latest release, Infernal Sounds welcome the German masterminds (and FKOF fam) Causa and Shu to the IFS stable. If the previous releases (from Perverse & Sepia) are anything to go by, we know we’re in for a treat from the Dubhelmet EP…


Causa’s debut release was our very own FKOFd019 — and the producer’s star has been rising ever since. We’ve been delighted to see his successes, it our primary mission with FKOFd to discover, sign and push forward exciting and creative new talent!

The recently released Undubbed EP on Artikal Music UK has only continued to prove the producer’s capabilities (and is of utmost quality). Joining Causa on IFS003 is Shu — the other half of this illustrious German duo and a long-time FKOF fam (we’ve spent many a FKOF takeover in Berlin with Dennis over the last few years). We were excited to see the duo join forces and, as to be expected, theDubhelmet EP provides everything we’d expect from a release with those two artists on the bill — absolute bassweight pressure to the max!

The title track and A-side to the EP is Dubhelmet. Heavily delayed percussive elements combine with indefinite and nebulous atmospheres, accompanied by sharp shuffling and meditative hats, to introduce the track.

With ingeniously created intros like this, those that fully hold our attention, we know we have amazing material in our hands. As such, we expect a lot from the drop that follows and hope all sources of bassweight converge to bring us full audial satisfaction. As it happens, the producers satisfy (and then some) as the track develops into a straight roller, with each element bringing exactly what it needs to with everything supported by a mammoth bass (that somehow manages to be both warm and aggressive at the same time). An interesting vocal sample keeps your attention locked to the tune, while the progression of the tune is more than enjoyable — smart short breaks surprise and delight every now and again. The ever-changing high hats are a nice invention too.

Dawn Chorus is the first B side; built by brother Causa himself. It’s an interesting construction, with its early bird choirs accompanied by a devastating and punchy kick drum. It evokes wandering a dark forest, lost, and looking for a way out. When the wicked drop hits, the soothing and lovely bird chirps continue off-beat while a not–so–lovely crushing bass is introduced. Some extreme snare sampling and growling is added, creating a twisted symphony of sickness; painting a peculiar landscape. The tune progresses ingeniously, only to end with a couple of strangely damped kick drums. These lead you out of your hypnosis, out of the forest… But where are you now — are you in a good or a bad place?


The third and final track of the EP is a solo track by Shu, entitled System One. Hi-hat hits and delayed water droplets reduce your personal stature; a dot in a gigantic universe. An energetic rhythm builds using with percussive hits, while the production and separation of the individual instrumental elements is really spot-on. Watch for the beautiful dreamlike guitar chord that stabs every once in a while. This combines to guarantee a perfect listening experience, one that prevents any distraction. On kicking in, a pulsating and face-melting bass is supported by soothing sub bass; the perfect guarantee this will test any system — definitely not the first tune on the EP to do so! This track might be our favourite on the release, purely because of the meditative force that comes with it — and you’ll be aware of the fact we like our bassweight served as meditative as possible! Shu outdoes himself on this one and finishes the EP beautifully.

IFS003 is filled to the brim with laidback, minimalist vibes and analogue-esque sound design. Causa and Shu have collaborated with the Infernal Sounds team to bring you yet another superb and heavyweight 12”. Recommended purchase.

The Dubhelmet EP is out now
IFS003 from the label here
Digital copies will be sent out to every purchaser who buys via Bandcamp.

Infernal Sounds

Words by Joost Bernsden

Peace, love and respect.