City Textures - Albion Collective x FatKidOnFire

City Textures

Albion Collective x FatKidOnFire

After we featured them in the OFD x FatKidOnFire Mix of the Week series, members of the Albion Collective got in touch with the debut in their own run of mixes – which they had titled Elite Series. 

The guys had kindly asked us to premier ES001 (mixed by the collective’s Brixton Sun) and recently contacted me with the second instalment; an impressive two part mix of ambient bass music…

“I wanted to do a mix that cut away from all the bass heavy, the darker vibes stuff. I wanted to create a mix that represented the other sounds I love. I originally was going to keep this for personal use, on the train, on the tram, in the car or on walks to work…

“But I think it’s better to share sounds than to keep them stowed away. I think would best be suited for those journeys back home, in the dark, on city transport. I hope you like the mix. I tried to pick producers that inspire me and that have put out some astonishing ambient music.”

FatKidOnFire x Albion Collective

We’re going to be working closely with Albion Collective over the coming months, with both the Elite Series and something else we’ve got in the pipeline with Spencer and the rest of the crew. Hopefully ES001 and 002 will give good indication of what’s coming!

You can find the track lists and download links to both parts of Maes’ ES002 in the new Albion Collective x FatKidOnFire set on SoundCloud.

Albion Collective

Peace, love and respect.