Cloudeater x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

Cloudeater x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a while since we gave away a remix EP – almost six months in fact – here on FatKidOnFire. It’s also been a while since we had anything from Atlanta-based electronic outfit Cloudeater


So when Chris from Cloudeater hit me up early this year, not long after we released the Mesck remix, asking if we could give a few other remixes of theirs a decent home; I agreed pretty much straight off. He initially offered three links, we got talking, and somehow that snowballed into the 5 320 FKOF free downloads you’ll find below.

These remixes range in their sounds – but none differ in their brilliance. Cloudeater’s ‘Remixes’ EP features work from ShirkaDe FormRyan Noise10th Letter and REKchampa; all available here for the first time. Read on for the download links and Korrupt reviews!

Korrupt’s review of De Form’s remix of Cloudeater’s ‘The Dive’:
“Intense soundscapes fade slowly into the mix, resonating around the listener’s eardrums as they brings a sorrow-like vibe forward. Only moments later, the listener can hear panned effects and a change in harmonics. De Form combines an enormous number of layers to form a continuously morphing audio ‘organism’. 

“Just a split-second later, a blend of beautiful choirs form and coincide with the rest of the elements present. Everything seems to come together – not knowing where it ends exactly seems to give this track so much power. With panning effects added and the high-frequencies becoming more intense by the second, De Form has absolutely outdone himself with this amazing remix. 

“As his remix ends, the listener is left with a single question: what would De Form have produced if he decided to implement drum patterns and percussion?!” 


Korrupt’s review of 10th Letter’s remix of Cloudeater’s ‘Not Enough’:
“10th Letter’s remix starts with some amazing panning that’s applied onto samples, giving his ‘Not Enough’ remix great beauty. With a contagious hip-hop beat and analog-sounding low-end, 10th Letter gives each element the chance to show its’ true beauty. From silly spacey keys to old school basslines hitting the eardrums, the vibe almost becomes notorious while remaining beautiful. The mixdown is also well performed – nothing sounds too sharp or too bold.

“As the old-school vibe continues to flow, the vocals progress and spread this mellow vibe around the listener. It’s as if it drags the listener away from reality, as the elements from the beginning of the track returning to a point of mind fullness. The climax floats around, brought in by the long vocals throughout the remix. It’s great how 10th Letter has implemented the elements from the start to end his Cloudeater remix like it does. Don’t forget the guitar riff at the end to spice it up just a little more!”


Korrupt’s review of REKchampa’s remix of Cloudeater’s ‘Blurry Wisdom’:
“Mellow vibes surround this remix. Amazingly fresh samples take the lead to set things off! From a great interlude, that contains a lot of pump-up sounds, to an interesting blend of voices right before the drop; this one’s already is a twist-up! 

“As the drop commences, the poppy kick combines with the low-end to lift this musical piece up high. Changing drum patterns keep this production fresh, while a strong repetitive mellowness keeps the tune chilled.

“When a repetitive voice disappears, the mood changes via the transforming keys. REKchampa successfully creates a climatic feel, giving the keys and vocals freedom to move up in scale. With the drum patterns returning, with all the other freshly sounding elements, the progression continues to flow in a proper manner. From chilly keys to beautiful soundscapes, this tune really got it all!”


Korrupt’s review of Shirka’s remix of Cloudeater’s ‘Decade’:
“Beautiful choirs tickle the listener’s senses, while a group of voices fade in slowly preparing the listener for what’s lying ahead. A great reverb is applied to create an extraneous amount of depth; there’s enough space to fly towards the clouds! Shirka uses panning to widen the stereo image to a point where the intro sounds really captivating – it’s amazing how the listener gets sucked into the mix right before the drop hits! 

“The drop is powerful, containing a tint of rawness and enthrallment thanks to the beautiful lead vocal that suddenly appears. With intense growls morphing around in the background, Shirka manages to constantly retain the listener’s attention to the mix. The vocal leaves a powerful message behind; the key to this track’s success. A great remix from Shirka!” 


Korrupt’s review of Ryan Noise’s remix of Cloudeater’s ‘Decade’:
“The immediate thing the listener should notice is the amazingly relaxed flow; where glitchy elements float around the mix. High bleeps layered with heavy chords really give this tune extra character, while amazing vinyl crackles and small percussive elements add their own flair. The panning within this piece is magical, grabbing the listener’s attention without them even noticing it – one of the strengths of this remix.

“This piece of music is enthralling yet powerful, elevating the listener’s mind to another level through the wide stereo image supplied.  There’s not a moment where the listener can hear the same elements in a similar fashion, it’s a unique blend you won’t forget easily. As the mix becomes more intense, the female vocals help reach the climax of this Noise remix. Noise has shown that he’s capable of creating a truly forward-thinking remix. One that’s stuck in my head – well played!”


Find the individual artists via their SoundCloud links, if you don’t know KHOMATECH (the artist behind Cloudeater’s killer artwork) check his FB page here and, of course, don’t forget to hit Cloudeater up on Facebook, Twitter or via their website.

De Form
Ryan Noise
10th Letter


Peace, love and respect.