Coffin On Cake x FatKidOnFire - S/S13 Previews

Coffin On Cake x FatKidOnFire

S/S13 Previews

I’ve developed a good few relationships over the past two-odd years I’ve been working on FatKidOnFire, but there’s arguably few better than the one I’ve got with the lovely guys at Coffin On Cake.

I can’t quite remember how we first got talking, but I’ve been in touch with Lauren, Dean and the rest of the team for as long as I remember. And their Press Days are always a highlight on my calendar – I’ve been to a few but none are as laid back or as fun as heading to see the COC team. I had an email the other day inviting me to the First Look for S/S13 so made my way up to Shoreditch to head to their (awesome and relatively new) offices…

It seems Deano and the rest of the team have gone all out for the latest press day; this tie dye-inspired paste job spanned this wall and then around the corner along the wall that their front door is on (Redchurch Street itself). An amazing way to introduce your brands’ product for S/S13 and an even better way to get people talking about #firstlook and COC!

Once I got into the COC studio, I was confronted with Fallen cupcakes (which were delicious) and the above. Pretty damn cool…

First stop was Canadian accessories and leatherware specialist Fullum & Holt‘s collection. Damn, is this good! Truly sumptuous (not a word I use often) leather goods, ranging from luggage to wallets to belts (and quite a lot in between). Definitely a brand I want to own a lot of!

Next up was Gravis with the above range of luggage and some truly awesome footwear. I can’t say I’ve been a fan of their footwear in the past – but the latest line is pretty amazing. Both colour ways of the Indo (a new runner silhouette) make it a big new favourite of mine. There are other new silhouettes that caught my eye, one that reminded me of Pointer (which can’t be a bad thing) and another boatshoe-type style that apparently is still skateable in. These guys were definitely a highlight for me…

Fallen came strong with new product as well – celebrating their tenth(!) anniversary next year. Lots of awesome new clothing and the ever-awesome range of footwear. A few new silhouettes and some awesome headwear. Lots to look forward to!

Alpinestars are enjoying a rather special birthday next year – the half century mark. They’re celebrating with a range of garments marked with the year of their birth (’63) and a few other pretty damn cool bits and pieces. I’ll have more on that soon! Definitely a lot to look out for…

In a rather crowded market, there are a few brands doing really impressive things that sets them apart from competition. I wouldn’t have put Analog in that bracket (purely down to my own ignorance) but I was blown away by what Dean told me. The Analog guys recycle old skate wheels in their denim manufacturing process and use the skate wheels to soften and break in their clothing – something no one else is doing. The ‘Wheel Wash‘ achieves an unparalleled finish that I’ve never felt before, so damn soft! Definitely a brand I’ll be looking into more.

There’s a new line of ‘streetwear-inspired’ Converse Accessories bags and iPhone cases for SS13, along with the usual bags and accessories you can expect. Each piece above comes in the colours displayed (hopefully that makes sense) – and the standout item was definitely the rucksack. Good quality and a pricepoint that pits it against Eastpak and the like.

Denim Demon were another pleasant surprise. Reminding me of Denmark’s Rascals’, DD are coming strong with 1970s Swedish camo that never made it into production with shirts, outwear and shorts. There are some other nice pieces from SS13 – including the allover printed navy shirts and shorts you can see above (again, very Rascals’-esque), and some good accessories. Another brand to keep eyes on, hopefully one we can see on FKOF one day!

This dude was definitely the most stylish of the day. He held it down by the Hush Puppies area (more on that in a future post) and kept everyone on their toes. All in all, there’s a lot of seriously awesome product coming for SS13. Thanks, as always, to the Coffin On Cake lot for having me down and see you next time!

Peace, love and respect.