Commodo vs. Gantz (MEDi090) - FKOF Review

Commodo vs. Gantz (MEDi090)

FKOF Review


In our community there are anthems. And then there are the anthems’ anthems. Mala‘s DEEP MEDi imprint, one of the few labels consistently contributing quality musik to the masses, generally tends to answer the call for these anthemic productions. So when MEDi quietly lined up the release of two grail-status dubs as their end of year treat, we knew the dubstep faithful were going to clamour for MEDi090 as much as they did for the label’s previous sellout release…

And clamour the faithful did. As soon as the MEDi090 pre-order appeared on the MEDi webstore, it was gone. If we needed an indication of how healthy our community is, or how anthemic the latest tunes to drop on the label are, this is it. You can count on the community to want tunes from producers like Commodo and Gantz – but the demand for the Commodo Free Focus remix and the Gantz Buckwild remix has been unparalleled. They’re relatively old dubs but epitomise the duo’s adventures into new territories within bass music; mixing influences and loose ends never before explored…

Gantz – Free Focus (Commodo* remix)

The syncopated percussion that rises towards the tune’s climax always seems to build anticipation. It gets a crowd going in a split second, with a full burst of energy, as everybody realises what’s coming. Commodo’s unique soundscapes keep the mind and pulse racing, with his remix’s addictive melodies demanding consistent attention.

The slight changes in bass tones, quickly followed by the grime percussion and raw effects processing, makes the Commodo Free Focus remix an essential purchase. It’s a tune that isn’t really done justice unless it’s owned on 12” (like the J.Sparrow Spry Sinister version). There’s not much else to say. If you want another anthem from a DEEP MEDi artist, this is it. But what’s this, there’s a Gantz remix on the flip?

Commodo – Buckwild (Gantz remix)

The Buckwild drone travels in all and every direction, evoking a scene where Gantz spills his creativity everywhere while losing his mind. As is seemingly customary with the Turkish producer, Gantz apparently loses it, picks it up and drops it in the weirdest place known to mankind. The ingenious claps, the trashy sounds, and the old-school game samples really feel at home in this Buckwild rework.

We pick up where Commodo left off, while stumbling upon a gauging, vibrating synth. It transforms, grows in resonance and exemplifies the raw power of Gantz’ low end. It’s the pauses, numbing soundscapes and erroneous samples that perhaps improve on the original – giving the tune an extra dose of sensationalism and innovation.


These two remixes, much like their collaborative efforts with Kahn on Volume 1, document musicians in their prime. It doesn’t really get much better than this. As Mala continues to curate and document some of the best bass music being made, this was a delight to see as the annual DEEP MEDi white label. For those lucky enough to have bagged the pre-order, congratulations. To everyone else, eyes and ears open as the usual stockists get the plates (and if you miss them, well there’s always the digital)…

MEDi090 is out now
You could buy it from (but not anymore)
We recommend trying the good retailers for vinyl (probably sold out) or digital stock.

Peace, love and respect.