Corporal F – Prophecy - FKOF Review

Corporal F – Prophecy

FKOF Review

Some eleven months ago – well, a year two weeks Thursday – Corporal F, a producer who first caught our attention with his ridiculously brilliant DMZ bootleg, hit us up with the debut release on his new imprint Tessellate Records. The promo upload we did for the release was the first in what has since become an extremely popular part of our musical offering, with the FKOF Promo set on SoundCloud containing over 15 hours of clips and promo mixes from some of the freshest labels in bass music.

Next week, almost a year after TESS001, Adam is back with Tessellate’s latest record; having secured a digital distribution deal and a shed load of support for his music along the way…


The Prophecy EP has seen support from some of the biggest DJs, with the likes of Monki, Coco Cole, B.Traits, Last Japan, Blackwax, Tee Circus and more lining up to play War Dance out. But it’s lead track Prophecy that’s really going off . As we like to do when we can, we’ve managed to grab a cheeky FKOF free download from the Tessellate camp to celebrate the new release.

Except this one’s a bit of a treat. As far as we know, no one knows about this one yet – so it gives us great delight to give the absolutely wicked Brunks remix of Prophecy away, just under a week before the release drops on Juno.

If you’ve checked Prophecy out, the Mancunian producer’s refix flips the tune on its head and takes it a bit darker than Corporal F’s original mix.

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The FKOF Review
“A mesmerising vocal fades in and out of this techy roller, one defined by intense sample usage and redefining mid-ranges. Brunks reworks Corporal F’s elements in an intelligent manner, powerfully creating a haunting entity that maintains its steppy dance floor vibe. The introductory siren gives this production an assertive status, while mysticism is attained through the atmosphere emerging from around the floating vocal. The flow that rolls through continues to pound with the kick, with Brunks creating a remix that will reign over its listeners!”

Out to Corporal F and Brunks for this one! Hopefully we’ll see more from the label in the coming months, and won’t have to wait another year (although the wait was definitely worth it) for another release.

Corporal F

You can grab TESS002 from Juno, from 24/02/14, here.

Peace, love and respect.