Cris Fern – The Groove - [Artist Highlight]

Cris Fern – The Groove

[Artist Highlight]

We’ve written about Chris ‘Cris Fern’ Ferrantello many, many times here on FatKidOnFire since we first discovered his music.

It’s still not quite sunk in that he’s no longer with us to pop up to discuss his latest cat video, update our shared Dropbox folder or sign another release contract – but, thankfully, there are still tunes of his that are surfacing. Today, thanks to Sarah and the team at Sublimated Sounds, Nick and Chris’ family, we have two to give away in Chris’ memory.

“The back story on The Groove for those who want to know a bit more…

“Before Chris’ passing, he would consistently send me tunes. Be they WIPs or finals. He was always eager to share them with me. My buddy Jeff aka el Jeffe is very similar to Chris in that aspect. I’m always hearing WIPs and forthcomings! I fell in love with Chris’ The Groove and had plans on releasing it. Jeff agreed to do a remix. I had 2 others but they never came through – it was supposed to be a Sublimated Sounds release. But as soon as it sunk in that Chris had passed, I couldn’t bring myself to release it. Now, I’ve been given slack for this. Like people have told me that I should have released it regardless, but that’s just not me. I’m sorry. I cant explain it but it just didn’t feel right… So, I turned it over to Wil at FatKidOnFire and the rest is history. Much respect to everyone and much, much love to FKOF for once again, helping to spread the love.” 

I’m not quite sure on the back story to The Groove but safe to say it’s a perfect tune for these warm summer months [edit – Sarah’s given us the back story]! A typical Chris production! We’ve also got an amazing remix from Mad Madam bossman El Jeffe; both bundled together as the Chris Fern FKOF EP. We hope you enjoy as much as we have! As a side note, if you like the tunes – or any of Chris’ productions – please support his releases (click the art below or find the Cris Fern releases in the links below), buy one of his Justus t-shirts or donate to the Paypal address Chris’ family have set up in his memory. Money raised supports local charities that were close to his heart.

RIP Cris Fern

Cris Fern – The Groove
Click to DOWNLOAD (WAV; 49MB)

“Although he’s no longer with us, Cris Fern has once again delivered a production that highlights his ability to captivate and enthrall. A blend of exotic keys and a comfortable vocal call for the excellent movement in the mix. Cris Fern sets the pace with authentic percussion, enabling the tune to get as groovy as possible with teasing bongo madness.

“The Groove makes you long for the warm summer days, while drawing for the positive memories and forgotten life stories. The emotions run when the second drop hits; the moment that everything comes together with the warm sub melodies. This is a tune that may cause an almost ecstatic chain-reaction of love that flows for the man that is no more: Cris Fern. He was a talent taken far too early.”

Cris Fern – The Groove (el Jeffe remix)
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“Crisp and accentuating percussion drives a spark of energy, opening the el Jeffe remix and making Cris Fern’s original keys sound almost weak on first listen. The quick intro immediately gives notice that this an el Jeffe’s rework, a relaxed and dubby tune that is matched by a relatively fast break. The rolling sub opens up Jeff’s remix which, together with the updated keys, disperses a positive vibe in every direction.

“From a double hit here to a kick-work out there, the el Jeffe remix doesn’t spoil the original message from deeply within. Mad Madam’s head-honcho el Jeffe has created an enjoyable remix – perfectly matching Cris Fern’s original. This one’s a track to consume while the sun – it’s one we think Chris would have loved. We do and we hope you do too!”

Click to DOWNLOAD (320s; 20MB)

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Cris Fern
Cris Fern – releases
Cris Fern – Justus t-shirt

Peace, love and respect.