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dBridge – Fashion Dread / Digital Dread

FKOF Review

2016’s not quite done yet. It’s been another great year for the sound we know and love – but if the following announcement (and the release we’re announcing) is anything to go by, 2017’s going to be as good (if not better).

For those of you who’ve been listening to Rinse recently, you’ll have likely heard a few tunes Youngsta‘s been playing on a regular basis. Most of the dubs Yunx plays are enviable, but these two tunes are special for two reasons. The first is who’s produced them. The second is what imprint is releasing them…

As you’ll have likely gathered from this post’s title and imagery, the one and only Exit Records bossman dBridge is responsible for these two tunes. Pretty monster tunes, if you ask us, that demonstrate just what the producer’s capable at within the dubstep realm.

So who, you might ask, or what is going to be releasing these tunes? Well, it’s time to put you out of your misery. DJ Youngsta has started his own label, outside of the other imprints he works with, that is wholly his. The aptly titled Sentry Records – given Yunx’s sentry-like status over 140bpm music since the beginning – is here and we’re delighted to share the first record with you.

SEN001, releasing early next year, features the truly exciting Dreads Fashion Dread and Digital Dread. The A-side, Fashion Dread, is typical of the kind of material you’d expect Yunx to sign. Empty spaces, crunching percussion and sensational bassweight. B-side Digital Dread is a straight roller, steaming its way through your eardrums down into your chestplate.

Don’t sleep on this – eyes open for pre-orders very soon…

Artwork by FKOF fam Cimm
Thanks to Youngsta for the trust

SEN001 drops 20/01/2017 – pre-order live soon.

Peace, love and respect.