Definite Badman Business

Definite Badman Business

If you remember two months back, I wrote a post here on FatKidOnFire entitled “Badman Business“. For those of you who missed said post, it was merely a heads up to say I’d been nominated for the 2010 Guardian Student Media Awards in the “Digital Journalist of the Year” category.

Well, last night was the awards ceremony at the Guardian Offices on York Way. After a brief introduction from the Guardian’s Blog Editor and the Editor of the paper itself, it was time for the award winners to be announced. After an introduction from the judge for my category (Krissi Murison, the editor of the NME) it turns out that I had, in fact, actually won the award for “Digital Journalist of the Year”!

It was a truly amazing night and has yet to fully sink in – it’s crazy to think that this little hobby of mine is worthy of such a prestigious award. And yes, the celebrations continued into this morning.

A huge thank you to everyone at the Guardian and the NME, especially the two judges I met last night; Krissi and Paul MacInnes (entertainment editor of Grauniad online)¬†and a bigger thank you to big Maz for persuading me to enter – it’s thanks to you I won!

To bigger and better things; making moves and other badman business.

Peace, love and respect.