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Demon – Demon EP

FKOF Review

After our write up of Truth‘s How Strange EP on Tempa last week I wasn’t sure if there was another of the big labels to add to our FKOF Promo feature hit list. And then N-Type got in touch with Wheel & Deal‘s next release…

For those of you who’ve followed FKOF over the years, you’ll know we have a soft spot for both Macabre Unit founder Demon and lyricist/ DJ extraordinaire Beezy. Add Manchester’s Biome to the mix and you’ve got a pretty important trio of dubstep tastemakers. So when N-Type let slip that WHEELYDEALY45 was to feature all three we all got a bit excited.

Demon - Demon EP ( WHEELYDEALY45)

“Demon makes his debut release on Wheel and Deal with an E.P of the highest quality, one that features guest appearances from two names synonymous with dubstep: Biome and Beezy. His signature style of experimental, bass-heavy broken beats and twisted vocal samples gel together on this EP – one that’s seen support from the likes of N-Type, Walsh, Youngsta, Beezy & Biome.”

As to be expected from its allstar cast, the Demon EP is a pretty special affair. Five tracks – three Demon-only productions joined by a collaborative effort with Biome and Beezy on the mic for the aptly titled Genocide – this is a welcome drop to those who’ve been waiting since Raff’s last dubstep release (September 2013). It’s got enough to keep everyone happy, ably demonstrating what the producer is currently capable of. Of the three solo efforts, Salvation is the most potent. Genocide, the Beezy collaboration, has been a favourite of ours since hearing it in N-Type’s FKOF Presents mix and Terminate is everything you’d expect from a duo like Demon and Biome. Powerful stuff…

The FKOF Review

Chronik opens like a cyclone let loose on nature, destroying any and everything that crosses its path thanks to the deadly vortex-esque growls. Demon’s signature style percussive flow, combined with the input of dramatic arppregiators, makes it the best opening track for this violent EP. Break Point explores a different realm, a place ruled by an egotistic vocal and top-of-the-bill resonances. It contains elements that are altered intelligently; some are reversed, others are joined in the mix, bringing forth twisted progression as the tune progresses.

“In contrast, broken beat patterns are the true definition of Salvation; a sinuous production filled with surprisingly deadly movement thanks to some extravagant reese warfare. It contains a blend of minimalism and the true Macabre Unit sound we all know and love love. Beezy joins for Genocide, a heavily sought after dub that has been destroying the underground for quite some time, spicing up the tune with his barbed verses. The depths of evil can be felt throughout the whole production, making it one of Demon’s most destructive tracks to date.

Terminate closes this EP, with Biome stepping into the breach with his lethal flavour of resonant, mind-blowing mid-range tactics. The beautiful vocal reigns through like the Medusa of this century, elevating Demon’s sound with an enthralling mixture of both beauty and pure evil.”

Demon’s Demon EP, featuring Beezy and Biome, is out 21/07/14. Pre-order it from iTunesJuno and Amazon.

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