DJ Phantasy’s top 5 - 25 years of Fabio & Grooverider

DJ Phantasy’s top 5

25 years of Fabio & Grooverider

Ahead of his appearance alongside godfathers of DnB Fabio & Grooverider at The Forum in London this Friday – we recently caught up with DJ Phantasy to talk top 5 favourite tracks…

DJ Phantasy by Chelone Wolf (2014)

Robert Flack’s Uh Uh Ooh Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes)

“This early house track had such a great vibe on it – the roll and drive was something way ahead of its time and used to get the party moving.

“I still listen to this track and it’s one of them ones; close your eyes and get lost in the music. Absolute classic!”

Bitin’ Back’s She’s Breaking Up

“I remember the first time I heard this track. Fabio played it at Brixton Academy, the place was heaving, people partying hard. I just needed to know who’s track this was. I asked him and he pointed to Mickey Finn. Of course straight away I went to Mickey and said “send me this bro” – I think I had to wait a few weeks but it arrived eventually and what a sick tune.

“That suspense in the build up, to that drop and that trumpet riff. Never heard a trumpet like it before and never heard one like it since. Absolute classic.”

DJ’s Unite’s DJ’s Unite

“This track was a track made by DJ Seduction and I. For some reason people used to think it was just John but the track came out on my label, was made in my studio and was something we come up with in about 5 hours, hence the name. This track used to get such a great response from the ravers and is considered a classic by some.

“It was signed by XL Recordings and sold so many it just missed out on a chart position. The label even prepared us for a Top of the Pops appearance but Seduction didn’t want to do it…. Of course I did! But we never ended up going on there which would of been a right laugh.”

Alex Reece’s Basic Principles

“Alex was my engineer in the studio I used and he started to make his own tracks and did he change the way people wrote their tracks.

“This track was pre Pulp Fiction which was a game changer but the vibes on this one was just so lovely. Everyone, and I mean everyone, used to play this. That airy riff, then the drop, quality. Alex set some serious standards.”

Shy FX’s Power of Rah

“I could of given you a top 20 from Shy FX, one of the best producers this scene has ever seen, but I’ve chosen …Rah because it was another game changer.”

“With that build up and then drop, it was an instant reload every time. It gets a great response if it’s played – even today. Timeless. But the flow was again different for its time and spawned many copycat tracks but nothing that really nailed it like this one.”

Catch Phantasy alongside Goldie, Breakbeat Kaos, Dilinja, Fabio & Grooverider and many more this Friday.
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