Dominic Ridgway – Killa - Tribe12 Music x FatKidOnFire

Dominic Ridgway – Killa

Tribe12 Music x FatKidOnFire

** Update 10/07/14: It’s taken a while – thanks to all your amazing entries – but we have chosen our winners. First place, and the Tribe12 release, goes to The Illuminated. J.Robison and Dominic Ridgway felt they’d really nailed the remix out of everyone who entered. Congrats guys!

Second place (with the FKOF free as the release drops) goes to Cornwall’s Ar Menez for his DnB remix. Amazing work! We will be in touch with the both of you to sort premasters and release info out. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter – it really was a tough call! **

** Update 12/06/14: Thanks for all your remix entries – the competition is now closed! Keep an eye on the FKOF and T12 FB pages for updates **

J.Robinson, both as a producer and label owner, has been one of the most consistent figures in bass music – or at least he has for as long as we’ve known about him and worked with him.

He put out a number of amazing dubstep tunes with Tribe12 (Perverse, Wayfarer, Quantum SoulCongi, Darj and Gantz to name but a few) and looks like he’ll be following a similar run of form with his new label WhoDemSound (that he’s co-founded with Knowledge)…

Tribe12 Music

Dominic Ridgway

Jack recently got in touch to suggest we pool resources and do something we’ve never really done with him or his labels before.

To celebrate the release of Tribe12’s latest (and eighth) single, Dominic Ridgway’s Killa and Lost in Space (out 05/05/14 as T12SNGL008 which you can pre-order from Juno Download here) we’re giving producers the chance to land a digital release on the label and FKOF (although the FKOF release will be a freebie) with an all-new remix competition.

Dominic Ridgway’s impending release features two tracks, both of which are well worth a listen (and a purchase come release day). But Killa was the one that caught our attention. It’s a laidback 170bpm tune, perfect for the impending summer months with its floating vocal, snappy percussion and warm sub lines. And we’d like you to put your own unique spin on it. Over the next six weeks (loads of time!), we’re asking you to submit remixes to both Tribe12 and FKOF for consideration. It’s a collaborative comp so once submissions are closed, we’ll be picking the winner and runner up together…


Download the stems here: 

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The Competition

Entrants must submit their remix entry in 320kbps MP3 format via email to Tribe12’s J.Robinson and FKOF’s [email protected] inbox (please see The Rules below for entry requirements).

The deadline for entries is June 11th 2014. The winners will be announced in July 2014 (final date TBC). The first place winner will be included on the final remix digital release and the runner up remix will be given out as a FKOF free download as the release drops.

The Tribe12 release will also receive a FKOF-backed PR campaign (including a FKOF review here on the site and a FKOF promo upload to our thirteen thousand followers on SoundCloud) to help promote it.

The Rules

  1. All provided Killa remix samples can be freely used in your remix. You may use as many or as few of the samples as you see fit and you may add as much of your own content as you wish.
  2. Tribe12 Music and Dominic Ridgway retain full rights to all samples, originals, and remix work. You can play your track and share it around but please do not put it up for sale!
  3. No monetary prizes will be awarded. No royalty agreements will be made for your entries (unless special arrangements are made for you).
  4. The judges for the competition are Tribe12 and FatKidOnFire. Their decision is final!
  5. Your remix can be any style of music you choose and can be as similar or different to the original as you wish. We will pick the best and most interesting remix, so please use your imagination.
  6. Email your remix to Tribe12’s J.Robinson ([email protected] and FKOF ([email protected]) to enter. We also recommend that you publicise your version of your remix, although it will have no bearing on the chosen winner.
  7. Winning means that your remix will appear on the Tribe12 release with full credit to you. Winning the competition does not entail any form of financial reward for entrants.
  8. Please do not submit unfinished tracks or ‘works in progress’. These will be automatically disqualified.
  9. We will not be able to enter into ‘feedback’ conversations about your entries, so please do not request this.
  10. You may enter more than one remix.
  11. You may use as many or as few of the samples as you see fit and you may add as much of your own content as you wish.
  12. The winning track(s) must be provided in either WAV or AIFF format prior to mastering.
  13. The album will be a digital release.
  14. The competition closes at midnight (GMT) on 11/06/14. The final submission date may change without notice (but we will warn entrants in the unlikely case this happens).
  15. All entries must be submitted in 320kbps MP3 format via email (see Pt. 6). Entries submitted via other means will not be accepted.
  16. Winners will be notified via email or other contact information supplied in their entry.
  17. All parts made available to download, and all parts downloaded, remain the property of Tribe12 Music. All remixes completed, whether submitted in this competition or not, remain the property of Tribe12 Music. No exploitation, or distribution of remixes shall be permitted without the sole written consent of Tribe12 Music.

Tribe12 Music
Dominic Ridgway

Good luck!

Peace, love and respect.