Dubokaj – Ma Main Dub - FKOF Premiere

Dubokaj – Ma Main Dub

FKOF Premiere

It’s not often we come across twisted dub-influenced music in the first cold winter week of December. However, there’s always a first time. We stumbled upon the Switzerland-based Dubokaj a few weeks ago; a musician who takes his dub creations to an all-time high every time he stands behind his mixing console.

His Ma Main Dub, which drops on Mouthwatering Records in the new year, is the proof of his creative knob-twiddling and unconditional love for bass. For the dub music lovers out there, the Alpine Dub Re Dub release is one you should know about…

Dubokaj - Alphine Dub

Besides the beautiful artwork, this is the producer’s first release since the Alpine Dub pack from in April; a chapter in dub that speaks for itself. Here’s the premiere of Ma Main Dub from the Alpine Dub Re Dub series… Let us know what you think with a comment on SoundCloud or on the socials.

Alphine Dub Re Dub is out 13/01/2017
Shout to the Signalfire gang for looking after uploads!

Peace, love and respect.