Dubs Alive x FatKidOnFire - [Label Highlight]

Dubs Alive x FatKidOnFire

[Label Highlight]

We’ve been fans for new Tempa-signee and all round badman producer/ DJ AxH for almost as long as we’ve known about him.

Like EshOne, Mesck, Kelly Dean, Deafblind, Warsa and a few other American producers (there’s more than a few but it’ll take too long to shout everyone out – you know who you are), AxH is flying the flag for deep, dark and minimal dubstep over in the US of A.

So when we heard the Boston-based producer had hooked up with a (new to us) label based in San Francisco to release an AxH original and an N-Type(!) remix, we sat up and took note. I got talking to the Dubs Alive founders ahead of AxH’s DAV015 (which, incidentally, is out today) and we all got a bit excited. To celebrate the release of ‘Boulevard Stroll’, we’ve got a few treats lined up…

AxH - DAV015

“Boston’s bass music monster, AxH takes a ‘Boulevard Stroll’ down the ubiquitous night lit city streets with Dubs Alive Records. Aggressively deep, forward thinking and original, it’s easy to see why the likes of premier dubstep label Tempa has shown an interest in this unique artist.

“Grimey mid range basses effortlessly swell and growl amid layers of white noise while perfectly placed skanks delineate the musicality of the composition, all culminating with a beautifully delayed techno synth lead which minimally guides us through the darkness.

“Tasteful, driving percussion strolls atop the sweeping synth pulses giving the tune a proper swing. Pausing for a moment to take in the night air, AxH’s anthemic synth wave develops the breakdown into a recapitulation of sound system shattering intensity.

“AxH masterfully blends this club-tweaked, half-time crusher with a tasteful essence of true dub music.

“In a truly special AA side gem of a remix, the dubstep pioneer N-Type has reinterpreted the single with his signature dance-floor mentality, tweaked for peak hour performance while remaining true to the vibe of the AxH original. The genre-defining master rolls us over with basses that snarl with round, vocal-like pulses, creating the classic UK sound but updated for the future. Always representing as one of the best DJ’s on the scene since day one, N-Type’s fruitful career has blessed a tenure at Rinse FM since 2003 along with managing three premier dubstep music labels. This vast experience breeds a remix that will flex the full fidelity of the world’s best sound systems, ringing out a true statement from the roots of dubstep showing us a rich combination of heavy, deep and classy.”

There’s not much to add to the two fairly comprehensive reviews above. Oh wait, yes there is. Buy the release.

And, because we like treating you lot, we’ve teamed up with Dubs Alive and AxH to give away another two tracks – on top of the paid release that drops today…

AxH x Dubs Alive - The FKOF EP

AxH – Beast
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“A sturdy set of kicks arise in a secretive manner as they sneak up from the surface. As ‘Beast’ prepares for what can only be described as a ridiculous drop, the listener must prepare themselves for an impending wilderness.

“An outstanding blend of tribal percussion and hard-hitting snares is forced upon the ears, as AxH lavishes attention on the elements involved. Cold chills travel down the spine thanks to the heightened fear levels – perhaps caused by the resonance of the reeses, which travel through the atmosphere of the mix.

“Variations in the distinctive basslines cause further escalation of tensions; enforced by a truly superb break-beat aftertouch – one that gives AxH’s beastly roller a destructive status.”

AxH – Big System Blues
Click to DOWNLOAD (320)

The FKOF review:
“The dubwise mentality of this interesting stepper arises when a continuously programmed and peaceful synth makes way for new movements within the field of vibration.

“A sexy vocal adds an almost humble perspective throughout the production, while the element’s predecessor proclaims an incoming drop holding tons of enlightened pressure.

“Infectious delays pass on the feeling of a dancehall riddim, finalised by two solid switched drum patterns that make the direction of development even more entertaining.

“‘B.S.B.’ not only inspires without an expiration date, but the production is, without a doubt, true new-school sound system music at its best – and it’s straight out of Boston!”

If you’re playing hard to get and are still not convinced this is a label worth your time, label heads Dubsworth and Tapa have put together an all-inclusive mix to show you just what kind of vibe they’re on. As to be expected, given their impeccable taste in signing stellar releases, the Dubs Alive x FKOF mix is pretty damn amazing. Stream, download, share – whatever takes your fancy – but be sure to follow and support the label!


Track list:

  1. Dubsworth ft. Tapa – Clouded [dub]
  2. Rozi – Don’t Forget It [dub]
  3. AxH – Beast [Dubs Alive/FKOF]
  4. The Spit Brothers – Single Coil (Dubsworth remix) [DAV010]
  5. AxH – Boulevard Stroll (N-Type remix) [forthcoming Dubs Alive]
  6. Echo Wanderer – Hallucination Dub [dub]
  7. Peek – Silk [DAV014]
  8. Modi Bardo ft. Satta Don Dadda – The Coolie Rockers Remix [DAV013]
  9. Anex & Trashbat – Gun Man [forthcoming TUBA]
  10. Subtle Mind – Sand Snake [forthcoming TUBA]
  11. CIVILIANSOUND! – Civilize [DAV011]
  12. Bakir – Writer’s Block [dub]
  13. Enhance – Abstract Thinking [forthcoming Dubs Alive]
  14. Goosensei – Interrupt [forthcoming Dubs Alive]
  15. AxH – Big System Blues [Dubs Alive/FKOF]
  16. SBVRSV – Utopian Nation [forthcoming Dubs Alive]
  17. Prism – Her [dub]
  18. Dubsworth & Tapa – Clave Maria [dub]
  19. Dub Gabriel – Luv n’ Liv (Ming vs. Subatomic Sound System remix) [Raggabass Resistance]
  20. OSC – Nice Up [dub]


Peace, love and respect.