Pushing the Mean Seed - Dullatron x FatKidOnFire

Pushing the Mean Seed

Dullatron x FatKidOnFire

Mean Seed Records, a Helsinki-based imprint responsible for releasing ‘eclectic electronic music’, first caught our ear with the 2013 album Mean Seed Vol. 1. The compilation featured tunes from rising Scandinavian stars LAS and Mikael (check Blood and Nightbird for an example of why we sat up and took note) alongside a number of other local producers.

While it’s taken a few minutes, and it’s not normally a genre we dabble in, but we’ve got label founder Panu ‘Dullatron‘ Posti on board for a few freebies today…


“Dullatron’s debut album Wavelike is an hour-long trip into the deepest atmospheres. Ranging from ominous ambient to all-out acid techno to jungle vibes, Wavelike is a no-genre album where BPMs don’t matter.”

Hot off the back of dropping his first ever long player, Finland’s Dullatron joins us today with a FKOF EP. While Wavelike (which you can grab via Bandcamp) is a meandering journey through the soundscapes of bass music, the four tracks on his FKOF EP are strictly rooted in techno. And, as far as that goes, I think this might be the first techno-only free download we’ve done…

Dullatron – Multiverse

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“Estranged basslines rapidly gain strength while a secret atmosphere harmonises with the minimal percussion that joins the mix. Every element moves freely, while secrecy descends through the use of one, sharp sweep of mind melting high-end. Constant collisions form an invasive shadow, blinding the listener from any form of distinguishable reality. Dullatron adds a dose of mysticism to this astral being, making this production an excellent opener for Mean Seed’s head-honcho FKOF EP…”

Dullatron – Singularity

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“This entity is far from empty and is proof of the statement: less is more. Deep low end warfare has been created to overwhelm the listener, while an effective use of silence sneakily ratchets up both the tension and a feeling of insecurity inside Singularity. The moodiness of the track appears due to the flawless mid-range, a section that travels parallel to the main kick patterns that bond with distant drumming. It’s only the second track, but Singularity exists as if a premonition is appearing before the listener, sucking the warmth out of the atmosphere before vanishing within a blink of the eye.”

Dullatron ft. Stene – Supersymmetry

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Supersymmetry opens with a steady four-to-four pattern, entwining like ink in water with a proper dose of acid. An extraterrestrial clave is followed by a very distant jolt to give the production an extra spark. The even rigidity of this collaboration calls for a relentlessly restless attitude, one attempting to get the listener going in similar directions. Motion is very important in this production, creating an experience that is simply superlative. The intense percussion around the mid-mark gives off a sense of almost-broken beats. Supersymmetry stays true to its title, a mirage Dullatron and Stene create to drive you insane.”

Dullatron – Observe

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“Poppy kicks give voice to the signature sound Dullatron has highlighted over the course of his FKOF EP. The final track exhales vibrant energy that can be experienced all the way to the tip of your toes. Surprising delays are equipped with a dose of almost frustration, as the track seems to hold itself back on the bring of madness. Observe gets stronger as the percussion evolves, stepping its way toward the ending of an out-of-the-box EP. This one might raise eyebrows – but will hopefully get the techno heads excited. Watch for the Mean Seed crew. They’re out there.”

Mean Seed Records

If you’re looking for cost effective mastering, Mean Seed recently launched the Lab – which mastered the four tracks in Dullatron’s FKOF Ep.

Peace, love and respect.