FKOF Review

With eight releases in its back catalogue, it’s safe to say Lion Charge Records is an imprint that’s done more than enough in pushing the roots of dub in 2014. It’s a label that’s released music from a wide range of artists – all of whom are influencing (or will influence) many future generations of producers and fans alike.

With every release, J:Kenzo (the producer, DJ and mastermind behind the Lion Charge name – and a few others) continues to carve out a name for both the label and its artists. And if the ninth release is anything to go by, there’s more promising sound system music queued up for 2015…


LIONCHG009 comes from EGOLESS, a talented producer and multi-instrumentalist from Zagreb, Croatia. The musician started the EGOLESS project in 2009, with his tunes quickly ‘moving air’ via the many radio (BBC Radio, Ministry of Sound, RinseFM and SubFM) DJs who lined up to support. After the Lion Charge release which drops on Monday 22/01/2015, next year seems to be EGOLESS’ year – with forthcoming music scheduled on the well-respected ZamZam Sounds label. And let’s not forget the amazing releases on America’s Lo Dubs, or the self-released EP on the EGOLESS Bandcamp either…

There’s also the recently released live dub mixing video on the EGOLESS YouTube channel – a process that reveals the producer’s gifted vision for making dub music, as well as his talented approach on live performances. Listening to (and watching) his soundcrafting produces a sense of pure freedom. It’s exhilaratingly simple – but powerful at the same time. Lion Charge have nailed their first 2015 release, signing another artist with an extremely bright future…

The FKOF review

From Dust To Dub is an old school tune that points to the original Jamaican-styled dub flex we know and love. The A-side reveals the Croatian’s vision on the extended and delay treatments of some superbly spaced elements – not to mention the authentic percussive elements. Low end-wise, From Dust To Dub resembles an earthquake that’ll push the limits of any given sound system, with its healing vibrations that propagate smoothly inwards through chestplate and cochlea. The step in this production is fuelled with eccentric detail, containing a snare that adds a fourth dimension to the ground-shifting stereo image EGOLESS has created. The catchy rhythm of the bassline moves to remind us that this multi-instrumentalist has a lot more coming our way in 2015, don’t forget!

Broken Tape Dub represents a half-time dub outing that is as equally large in sub-frequencies as the A-side, but moves the applied delay-science towards the background of the mix. With the tail end of many elements escalating into pulsating chaos, EGOLESS steps it up a notch with various mind-altering percussive structures. The percussion works in one line with some seriously smooth sine waves. Reverberation, as it should, plays an important role in the LIONCHG009 B-side, adding smooth intelligence to the steadily introduced madness. The vocal expresses itself within the deep layers of this stepper, wrestling with the tape echo to finally push through at the ending of the production. It’s dubbed out to perfection. A true standout release – another class-A record from Lion Charge, setting the 2015 bar before the year’s even started…”


Peace, love and respect.