EshOne x FatKidOnFire - [Artist Highlight]

EshOne x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It’s been a while since the last Artist Highlight mix here on FatKidOnFire; especially as the MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire features are steadily approaching the 150 mark (even though I’ve slowed them down to one a week).

One of the perks of this ‘job’ is having producers and DJs hit me up out of the blue – offering me tunes or mixes. (And before anyone says anything, that’s not me being a dickhead or anything either. I am genuinely stoked every time someone drops me an email with links!)
When EshOne, or Donnie to his friends, hit me up I did the usual and fired him an email back (it was a few days late as my inbox is currently sitting at 200+ unread) and got a conversation going. I hadn’t heard Donnie’s music – although I had heard of his label Elk Beats – but then I saw a status update from the one and only Reconstrvct saying Donnie was going to be appearing at Reconstrvct X next year (alongside Indigo, Dark Tantrums and many more) I headed over to the EshOne SoundCloud…

Donnie’s bio explains it pretty well; but if you need convincing as to why this guy is one of my artists to watch in 2013, click play or hit the download link on his Artist Highlight mix for FKOF. Mind = blown!

“EshOne is best known for sets containing a high amount of original productions. Being the stubborn dinosaur that he is, most of these sets have been played entirely on 10” acetate dubplates. His production style reflects seemingly fast 140 bpm dancefloor tunes; highly rhythm driven, with gritty, lo-fi basslines, and an emphasis on sub bass movement.

“Esh has played sets at some of the most respected bass music nights across the US, from Miami to San Francisco. When he’s not on the road, Esh currently splits his time operating his label, Elk Beats, from his remote studio location in the mountains of northern New Mexico, and downtown San Diego.”


Track list:

1. EshOne – Watcher [Media Contender x Elk Beats]
2. EshOne – 7am [dub]
3. EshOne – Tres Piedras [dub]
4. EshOne – Search Party [dub]
5. EshOne – Chuck Finley [dub]
6. EshOne – Galaxy Bowling [Media Contender x Elk Beats]
7. EshOne – Extra Hands [dub]
8. EshOne – Petroglyphs [forthcoming Open Sauce]
9. EshOne – The Lagoon [dub]
10. EshOne – Wasted Space [Media Contender x Elk Beats]
11. EshOne – Allergies [Elk Beats]
12. EshOne – Flight [dub]
13. EshOne – Reflective Wallpaper [Elk Beats]
14. EshOne – Nautilus [Elk Beats]
15. EshOne – Mini Bic [dub]
16. EshOne – Half Eaten [EshOne free]
17. EshOne – Theme Pouch [Elk Beats]
18. EshOne – Plastic Trucks [Elk Beats]
19. EshOne – Arnold Palmerz [dub]
20. EshOne – Ups & Downs [dub]
21. EshOne – 1997 [Elk Beats]

Nothing like a good bit of system music to liven up your week. I’ll probably not make it to  Brooklyn for Reconstrvct X (as much as I’d like to given it’s my birthday that month) but I already know what I’m missing. Here’s hoping Donnie comes to the UK soon!


Peace, love and respect.