Eva808 – ENC001 - FKOF Review

Eva808 – ENC001

FKOF Review

Last week we introduced you to the co-founders of the latest label to appear on our horizons.

While Content and Deafblind’s Encrypted Audio may have raised a bit of hype without a release to their name, a few days ago their debut release dropped – and if it’s a signal of things to come I, for one, am rather excited…

ENC001 - Eva808

We’ve tracked Eva808’s evolution through an alias change (internet kudos if anyone can tell me who she used to put tunes out as – we did a FKOF free EP and a singluar freebie before she became Eva808) and a number of truly mammoth uploads to SoundCloud.

Of the new producers to appear, she is one of a small number we suggest you follow and support. Like those before her we saw destined for great things – Perverse, Kaiju, Gantz, Wayfarer and the rest – Eva808’s consistently surprising and adventurous music suggests the future is a bright and promising one for this young Scandinavian producer/ DJ. And although she’s seen just one mainstream release – the astounding Childhood EP on Duckem’s Indigo Movement earlier this summer (and a spot on our FKOFUn/Known02) – her exclusive connection with the self distributed Encrypted indicates we can expect a lot more from her in the coming months.

As far as statements of intent go, the inaugural ENC001 is one of the clearest we’ve seen in a long while.

The four track EP announces both the label and artist with a cohesive yet varied release that perfectly documents what the label is attempting to do with their collective. Bass music without borders, dubstep without definition. It’s an exhilarating release that keeps you on your toes at every turn. It’s not so experimental that you lose focus when it’s dropped in the dance – but it’s enough to keep you wary of what’s coming next. Which is exactly what we need – less of this rigidly borrowed inspired and formulaic bass music and more boundary pushing stuff. If Encrypted and their artists are a label to add to these type of tunes coming out, joining the likes of Innamind with the truly creative experimental dubstep, then we’re in for a good time.

To celebrate Encrypted’s debut release, and Eva808’s awesome tunes, we’ve partnered with the label to bring you the chance to win a pretty special prize. There are two 10″ records, with Shadow Riddim and Rainy Mood on them. Eva has one, and we’re giving you the chance to own the other. How? Head over to FKOF FB to find out

For more Eva808 insight, check her spotlight mix here
You can buy Eva808’s ENC001 from the label’s bandcamp here
To our knowledge, Kloudmen’s ENC002 follows next month and Mershak’s ENC003 the month after that
Until ENC002 drops, you get 3 Content dubs with any ENC001 purchase – Forbidden Loves, Hey Tony and Untitled.

Encrypted Audio

Peace, love and respect.