FatKidOnFire goes international - FKOF JPN #0

FatKidOnFire goes international


FatKidOnFire has always been about supporting the underground. With the FKOF movement (if you can call it that) forever growing and extending across the world, I come across countless likeminded people who see the world in the same sort of way. An example of such a person would be my boy Brandon who goes by the fameONE moniker.

fameONE is soul invested in the pulsing heart of the city.  Growing up in various places in the U.S. from the east coast to the south, a stint of military servitude landed him in the wonderful world of Japan. His hip-hop influenced life is stylishly lived out amidst the urban diversity of Okinawa where he stays current with fashion, hip-hop and the street racing scene. The former DJ, graffiti artist and bboy encompasses his life, travels and nightly excursions with photography. All it took was crossing paths with another mind on the same wavelength and he now proudly reps FKOF.

Brandon is a photojournalist in the American Armed Forces, based in Japan and who lives and breathes fast cars (the AE86 is his all-time favourite whip), good looking girls and generally having a dope time. Brandon will be covering life in Okinawa every week or so here at FKOF; providing photo updates, written reviews of things that have caught his eye and general banter. If you want a better look at his skills behind the lense hit him up on Flickr or talk to the man himself on Twitter. Welcome to the family fameONE! Peep his first post below and a special minimix from one of our friends…

[Artwork by Riccardo Tisci, the Italian creative director of Givenchy]

With the recent release of his fifth studio LP, KanYe West both pleased and puzzled fans with ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘. The production certainly didn’t disappoint, which isn’t much of a surprise from the famed producer who has a track record of blessing records and tracks with the impressive ingenuity of his unique sound.

However, Ye’s bravado and arrogance has seemingly reached new heights in his rhymes. It’s as if he truly believes that he’s lyrically in the same arena as his mentor and close friend Jay-Z. With time and new material, he’s beginning to prove himself on the mic. This is especially noticeable in the newly released track ‘H.A.M.’ produced by southern beatmaker Lex Luger. Ye teams up with Hova himself to deliver more action packed lyrics over Luger’s flashy but gritty beat. The track is scheduled to be released on a collaborative effort between the two juggernaut emcees on an album due in March entitled ‘Watch the Throne’. This spring should prove interesting in hip-hop.

Click below to hear the track and let us know what you think!

KanYe West ft. Jay Z – H.A.M.

Whilst we’re on the subject of new music (well, music in general) we peeped this 10 minute minimix from our boy Dj Yaz who runs the dope blog Such A Tune. It’s a fairly decent introduction to ‘commercial’ dubstep and we’ve had it on play for a few days now! Give it a go.

10minute commercial dubstep mix by DJ Yaz


Track list:

  1. Skrillex ft. Foreign Beggars and Bare Noise – Scatta
  2. Tempa T – Next Hype
  3. Beatnick Dubstep – Drop The World
  4. Far East Movement – Like A G6 (Eyes remix)
  5. Professor Green – Monster (Camo & Crooked remix)
  6. Skream ft. Example – Shot Yourself In The Foot Again

If you have any thoughts on Ye’s new materal or Dj Yaz’s mix, or thoughts on anything else you’ve read let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).

Peace, love and respect.