Fi’ Dead - Encrypted Audio x FatKidOnFire

Fi’ Dead

Encrypted Audio x FatKidOnFire

Long-time readers (as well as the newer of you out there) will be well aware of the love we have for Content and the Encrypted Audio gang. Tony was one of the first dubstep DJs/ producers I met after moving to London and is one of the longest-running FKOF fam there is.

So when he hit me up a few weeks before Christmas to ask if we wanted to collab on a few bits and pieces in the new year it was an easy question to answer.


Some of you may have seen the Fi’ Dead t-shirt EA announced late last year – and the response has been understandably positive. Big up Jordan Sheldrick on this one!

From today, we’re teaming up with the gang to give you guys an exclusive, FKOF-only discount. Simply enter ‘

Simply enter ‘fkofdiscount‘ at the checkout to receive 40%(!) off your t-shirt order for the next two months. Yep, save yourself nearly half the cost of the tee just ‘cos we’re nice like that. You also need to keep eyes and ears open for a FKOF x EA collab tee coming very, very soon.

And, if that’s not enough, the latest producer/ DJ to join the EA roster has kindly done you (and us) a promo mix to celebrate. Samba‘s got a release forthcoming on the ENV vinyl imprint and his FKOF mix features a tonne of unreleased material from both fellow EA artists and more. Get to know…


Click to DOWNLOAD (72MB)

Track list:

  1. Sepia – Music Box [Gourmet Beats]
  2. Deafblind – Mote [Encrypted dub]
  3. Argo – Nooo [dub]
  4. Samba – 36’s [forthcoming Encrypted]
  5. Trisicloplox – Ache [forthcoming Encrypted]
  6. Dayzero – Allca [dub]
  7. Myth – Dark & Lonely Water [Hazed Network]
  8. Content & Krudkutter – Things [dub]
  9. Samba – Turbulence [dub]
  10. Samba – Sadist [forthcoming Encrypted]
  11. Argo – Impulse [ENV002]
  12. Fill Spectre – WaterStinge [forthcoming ENV004]
  13. Headland & Djoser – Half Round [dub]
  14. Dayzero – ALS-ANS [forthcoming ENV005]
  15. Malleus – Parce qu’il est Mort [forthcoming Gourmet Beats]
  16. Jonah Freed – Mobb Mentality [dub]
  17. Malleus & Saule – Bad Kids [forthcoming Gourmet Beats]

Encrypted Audio

Grab the Fi’ Dead t-shirt here
Enter fkofdiscount at checkout for 40% discount

Peace, love and respect.