Introductions & Soundwave festival - FKOF AUS #1

Introductions & Soundwave festival


In January, we welcomed the first international contributor to the extended FatKidOnFire family. Today, we welcome our second international contributor. We first met the extremely talented Thom Rogers through The Daily Street boys (and King Noir) and when he upped sticks and moved to Australia we kept in contact and are now stoked to announce Thom will be putting his dope journalistic skills to good use and will be covering life in Aus for FKOF. We got a short bio from him and his first full post (covering Soundwave festival) which both feature below. Great to welcome you to the family Thom!

Hey guys, so I guess I am the new writer for FKOF, a very proud moment for me to be joining the team of the award winning Wil Benton! Anyways, enough sucking up. How do I make this not sound like a dating profile?

Having come from the small Dorset town of Bridport, I first got into music at the age of 14 thanks to my good friends, and the now defunct, Secondsmile. Going to gigs around the country and catching some of the world’s best underground bands really started a passion for me and I joined a band at the age of 15. From there, we played a few shows and even got an offer from a label, but that venture would prove to be a dead end as we split up before we released an E.P. But I wasn’t done with music and decided that I should go to University in London to study Journalism. It was while at Uni that I became fascinated in more than music, with fashion, culture and good food now on my list of loves. Since then I have written for Flux Magazine and became an editor on the once awesome Sabotage Mag (R.I.P).

Now I find myself in the Sunshine State of Australia, basking in the sun, forming friendships and discovering a whole new world. I invite you to come along for the ride.

Thom ventured out to Soundwave festival pretty much as soon as he got over to the land down under and we’re lucky enough to relive the awesome-looking festival through his coverage. With a lineup featuring stellar bands such as (but not limited to) Iron Maiden, Queens of the Stone Age, Bring Me the Horizon, Slayer, Devil Driver, Fucked Up, Trash Talk and 36 Crazyfists we’re properly jealous this festival wasn’t on these shores – but Thom’s write up does well to put salt in that wound (haha)!

Soundwave festival

In the blistering heat of Australia Queensland, aptly named the Sunshine State, Brisbane was the first host for this years Soundwave. Setting it off in style in the city’s RNA Showgrounds, some of the world’s top alternative talent came together to blow your minds.

[Queens of the Stone Age]

Of course, it is impossible to catch every band at a festival but I can certainly let you know how my day was. The first band I saw was the highly talented This Town Needs Gun from Oxford, UK. While one of the smaller bands of the day, TTNG did the UK proud by relaying their catchy math rocks to a very satisfied audience struggling in the mid-day heat.

However, the day really kicked off with the performance of California’s Trash Talk. Having seen these guys before at last years Hevy Festival in England, I was expecting big things and they did not let me down. These guys were relentlessly thrashing round the stage, climbing amps, surfing the fans and getting the whole crowd  beating down upon each other. However, after Trash Talk, I was already lagging from the heat and took to the main stage, finding shelter in the grand stand and watched Stone Sour and Bullet For My Valentine, who were typically nu-metal and really quite boring. Both bands got the people at the front jumping up and down sure, but looking from afar, there is no reason (apart from Cory Taylor) why these bands should be any bigger than some of the other incredible talent on show today.

While waiting for Slash to start (the girlfriend wanted to, I swear!), Primus starting playing their highly quirky tunes which really lifted the mood, with 1991’s ‘Jerry Was a Race Car Driverbeing more exciting and fresh 20 years on than the whole of Stone Sour’s set.

Continuing on the main stage were Slash and Queens Of The Stone Age, the latter being much more fun than the former. It’s a shame to say, but why can’t these guys be as good as they used to be? But QOTSA did end their set with a fantastically performed ‘No One Knows to save an otherwise dull afternoon of headline bands.

[Polar Bear Club]

But not all was lost, as on of the planet’s most exciting, original and awe inspiring punk bands were headlining one of the smaller stages (how’s that for some hyperbole, eat your heart out Fox News). Polar Bear Club may not have had the huge lighting set ups and thousands of fans watching like the main stagers, but they poured every bit of energy and passion into their songs and played their hearts constantly. It was genuinely the best set of the daybecause they looked like they were guys loving being in a band, rather than most of the bands who were just doing their job.

Thank you Polar Bear Club for saving the day!

Big love to Thom – if you want to keep in contact with him follow him on Twitter or catch him on Tumblr. What do you think of Thom’s first contribution to FatKidOnFire? Let us know via the usual routes (emailTwitter and Facebook).

Peace, love and respect.