We’re clashing ClouwdNine - It won't end well for them

We’re clashing ClouwdNine

It won't end well for them

With nearly 1,000 articles, a load of awesome events and more than a few other memorable highlights over the last five years, we at FKOF are continuously seeking new ways to bring you exciting content and engaging experiences. In the latest effort to do just this, we’re teaming up with ClouwdNine (also known as C9), an online radio crew established via Reddit’s /r/realdubstep community.

The team hit us up and explained that they’d recently started doing digital soundclashes. Given our previous attempts at combining the FKOF family and soundclashes, we were pretty stoked to be asked to step up and smash the C9 team to pieces…

What’s a digital soundclash?

“Foregoing the history, a soundclash is when two DJs go head to head in multiple rounds, each round consisting of a different stipulation. For example, there can be rounds limited to certain tempos, genres, or even things like only allowing double drops. On C9, there are a total of three rounds each per clash, each consisting of thirty minutes. Each round, the DJs will have 15 minutes a piece to throw every blend, tune, or double drop they can muster at the opposition.

“After each round, a vote is initiated in the chat where all of the participants of the chat can vote. A bot will be doing all of the vote counting. After each session of voting, a designated timekeeper will record the victor of the round in the big soundclash spreadsheet.

“If the tie is for just a single round, no significant action is taken. The round is marked as a tie and everyone moves on their way. However, if the clash ends in a tie, then during the 15 minute downtime period scheduled between each clash, the DJs will enter into a 10 minute sudden death round with no rules. Each DJ gets five minutes to throw out everything left. This round is considered an “anything goes” round, and generally, it’s best to just go hard as fuck when this happens. If even this ends in a tie, then the winner of the clash is decided by the house. In our case, this is the timekeeper responsible for the clash.”

As we always try to do, we’re not hanging around and have invited some of the finest FKOF fam along. The clashing team doing FKOF proud (and sending the C9 DJs packing) consists of the Dutch contingent – our very own Korrupt alongside brothers VGB, Dubbacle & The Illuminated. They’ll be bringing the sonic warfare and we’re pretty certain the C9 resident DJs are already beaten.

Who will FKOF be beating competing against?

Flying the flag proud and high for C9 we have UK lads Professor Lesser and Skolla alongside Canadian Fill Spectre and American Deadline.

How does it work?

The two teams of DJs will go head to head in three 15m Clashes – and we’re running four Clashes. The final Clash, usually the most enjoyable (although probably not for C9’s losing team), will be an ‘Anything Goes’ tearabout.

  • Clash 1 (2:00 – 3:30pm)
    Korrupt vs. Skolla
  • Clash 2 (3:45 – 5:15pm)
    VGB vs. Professor Lesser
  • Clash 3 (5:30 – 7:00pm)
    Dubbacle vs. Deadline
  • Clash 4 (7:15 – 8:45pm)
    The Illuminated vs. Fill Spectre

We’ll be broadcasting the audio version of the entire clash on the ClouwdNine website and we’ll be sticking the FKOF gang’s sets through Chew. Unfortunately, because the C9 dudes are all over the place (literally and figuratively), only the FKOF gang will be audiovisual streaming on Chew. We’ll see if we can get them on for the next clash – if they’re prepared to lose again…

We hope you’ll be able to join us this Sunday – and if you do, please make sure you spread the word – both teams are cutting dubs, sharpening weapons and getting the warpaint ready…

FB event page here
The abuse is light-hearted – we love C9 really. Or do we?


Peace, love and respect (but not to C9),