FKOF’s first live stream - [Special]

FKOF’s first live stream


It’s been a while since we did something a bit different here at FKOF HQ. It’s also been a fair while since we heard from the extended international family we’ve got over in Columbus, OH. So we thought’d we’d kill two birds with one stone…

C-Bus’ sKewn was the first artist to ever be featured in the MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire series and was also the first artist to produce a guest mix for us. That was way back in August 2010.

Fast forward 12 months and sKewn is back on FKOF for an entirely different reason. He’s more than kindly arranged our first ever live stream of an event he’s playing at tomorrow night in C-Bus. sKewn is appearing alongside the city’s “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Jungle Music”, Verge, Snaps12 and local DnB superheroes Wobble Warriors.


Verge is “THE” Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Jungle Music in Columbus, Ohio. He is a true pioneer of the sound and helped shape the city’s rave culture. He has dominated some of the most legendary events and won several DJ battles, making him one of the most sought after Jungle DJ’s. Although he hasn’t graced us with a public performance in nearly a decade, his influence can still be felt today in many of the current Jungle and Drum&Bass DJ’s. It is with great pleasure that we are able to finally present another MASSIVE evening with the Legendary VERGE!!!


sKewn is an artist, designer, producer, and DJ. His extensive knowledge of modern electronic music and culture keeps the crowd on their toes, because they never know what to expect from this exceptional DJ!!! From secretive beginnings as graffiti writer within the notorious All Star Fame Crew to co-creator of Push Productions, this guy has covered a ton of ground within Columbus’ sub-culture. Although he shares deep roots in Hip Hop and Jungle music he is among the first DJ’s within the city to play Glitch, Dubstep, Wonky, UK Funky and Skweee. With his countless arsenal of vinyl weaponry, he’s sure to kill some sound. After a year long hiatus, it is a joy to have our good friend sKewn join us behind the decks for this special night.

Wobble Warriors

Wobble Warriors is the team up of local Drum & Bass superheroes, Dr. Spilkus and CatheXis. The two founding members of URU Crew (the largest D&B Crew in the city) first joined forces as the Wobble Warriors for Hempfest 2005, where they packed the stage with a frenzy of fans. The duo quickly realized that they were a force to reckon with and set off to play countless parties throughout the Midwest. Apart from being dope DJ’s, CatheXis and Dr. Spilkus play in bands, helped spawn Bento GoGo’s legacy as an electronic music venue, and had a hand in the majority of Drum & Bass parties held in the area. Dr. Spilkus is also known for his infamous Aftermath Mix/Comic. His mix CD contained a 32 page comic book, illustrating the entire URU crew and many other rave scene icons. We’re glad these two took some time out of their busy schedules to rock the house with us.


Snaps12 takes turntable pimpin’ to a whole new level. Not only does he smash beats from Garage to Jungle, but you should see what he does to the 1200’s themselves. Being that he’s deeply rooted in rave culture it’s no wonder the ex Tri-Quad cadet spurred a devoted interest of playing electronic music from every end of the spectrum, but what really makes this guy stand out, is the full spectrum LED’s that dance all over his wheels of steel. Snaps12 is a guru of electronic music, and of electronics engineering. He’s gutted Technics and customized the circuitry with full arrays of dazzling color that seem to dance along when he’s droppin’ beats.

– Klipsch KP-250’s
– Custom built Beyma SB-18 subs w/ B&C woofers
– All powered by QSC amps with Rane/DBX processors

For all the further info you may need, hit up the event’s Facebook page. The exclusive FKOF x Revival stream appears courtesy of Snaps12 and sKewn – and will be online from around 2.45am on Saturday morning.

So if you’re at a loose end on Saturday morning, 3AM to be exact, hit up FKOF for an exclusive live stream of the Revival event all the way from Columbus, Ohio. It promises to be an awesome night with all our C-Bus friends in attendance – so we hope you’ll join us to watch!

If you catch the Revival stream be sure to let us know! Fire us a comment or let us know what you think via emailTwitterFacebook or the FKOF TakesQuestions page.

Peace, love and respect.