Beware of the Sleepers - FKOF JPN #1

Beware of the Sleepers


Three weeks ago, we introduced you to the first of FatKidOnFire’s international contributors. fameONE has stepped up to the plate and has written us a short piece on the street racing scene he’s experienced during his time in Okinawa and has shot us three rather awesome photos of the car in question. Beaut

These days, most of the known world may believe the street racing scene is just like it’s portrayed in the movies and mainstream media. Even more so when I tell people that I live in Japan and immediately upon learning this, I get some sort of question that refers to that dreadful movie with Lucas Black; the one that’s part of that Vin Diesel franchise of movies. Well, to set the record straight, the street racing scene in Japan is far from the scenes depicted in Tokyo Drift. Sure, there are car meets in parking garages from time to time, but the excessive visual modifications aren’t the norm for the local tuning scene.

One particular driver that stood out to me is an extremely low-key gentleman who goes by Dan. Simple Dan. He doesn’t do nicknames, and has a rather mellow and agreeable personality. Despite his easygoing demeanor, I immediately got the feeling that there was something beneath the surface. As if to say he’s the sleeping beast that has yet to be awaken. His car, a 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX (GC8), is just like him in many aspects. Wary on sharing too many details about his engine modifications, he assured me that it’s faster than anyone would ever expect.

The rims are stock, and unless he’s racing, he drives around the island in snow tires because they’re so cheap and easy to come by in tropical Okinawa. He hasn’t added anything to the cars exterior that would make it any more visually appealing than his car already is. Dan often races in the dangerous mountain passes of Okinawa, commonly referred to as the “touge.” Street races are mainly done in a lead-follow format. If the leader outruns the follower, then the leader is the victor. Conversely, if the follower keeps up, then the race goes into sudden death where the driver positions are changed.

Many races have been won by the quiet American ex-patriot and his deceptive car. That’s just the way he likes it.

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Peace, love and respect.