Okinawan Nightlife: Parties Like No Other - FKOF JPN #11

Okinawan Nightlife: Parties Like No Other


It’s been a fairly busy month for updates here at FatKidOnFire. It’s been an even busier month for our FKOF JPN contributor fameONE. We’ve had his ‘Road to Sendai‘ coverage and an update on his AE86, Suki. Today, we get another post from him – with an in depth review of the nightlife in Okinawa…

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in the country of Japan. It is a small, congested, majestic and pulsing culture. For the sake of comparison, it is Japan’s Hawaii. Simply setting foot on the island can give anyone the feeling that it is different than any other place on earth. It is still Japan and many of the Japanese pop culture icons known internationally can also be found here. Whether it’s the car culture, ten-foot-tall statutes of Godzilla outside of comic book stores or absurdly questionable fashion; it is clear that you’re in Japan.

It’s not only the amazing weather, dozens of resort locations or ancient castles and shrines that sets the island apart, but the nightlife has a completely different dynamic than any place I’ve ever been to. The prefecture is home to roughly 1.4 million people. Nearly 500,000 people are between the ages of 18 and 35 and 200,000 of said number are women. Let’s do the math here; a lot of young people, half of which are women. Simple enough, right? Now, factor in the 24,000 U.S. military service members (not counting their families) stationed here and you have a recipe for disaster or epic parties.

I know 80% of statistics made up on the fly are completely inaccurate, but 90% of the time, epic parties ensue. I hope you all see what I did there.

After all these numbers are factored into the equation, another variable has to be brought to mind. Okinawa is a diverse tourist destination that serves as a safe haven of relaxation for people of all ages traveling from around the world. It isn’t uncommon to meet Australian, Chinese, Canadian, and other Japanese travelers visiting the island for a little fun in the sun and nightly benders at local pubs, clubs and lounges. Let the epic parties ensue.

Dj Justice, a resident electronica Dj here in Okinawa is making bigger waves each week because she is one of the few Djs who is able to cater electronica to multiple demographics. Many of the more popular clubs here are Americanized due to their relative proximity around military establishments. After contacting this Dj via Facebook upon hearing her set a local club called Seven, I decided to follow her around from venue to venue. At first, it was a matter of consistency. Finding a Dj is like finding a barber for me. Consistency is key. With each set I heard, I was more and more impressed. Her energy and devotion to blending together the best music is awe-inspiring. She’s her own toughest critic.

Back to the demographic, numbers and all that jazz…

Here you have a Dj who spins an international genre of music and does so very well. Her initial crowd gathering to Club Seven was your typical weekend crew of drunken service members who rarely stray too far away from the base. They fist pump, consume mass quantities of alcohol and relentlessly flirt with the staff. It wasn’t long until she teamed up with other local DJs and decided to push the envelope further. From the stretch of bars outside of the base to a gig in downtown Naha, the capital of the prefecture, Dj Justice is finding herself with an occasional Wednesday night gig at the up and coming Club Fantasy Space.

As her reputation grows, the 500,000 young adults who are in constant pursuit of a good time and the 24,000 U.S. service members who follow suit begin to ride the wave of justice providing the lovely Dj an even larger audience to reach. This provides your resident FKOF correspondent an enjoyable time, regardless of the venue, because Dj Justice is on the ones and twos keeping the madness alive. Her popularity grows more and more by the day and she carries the torch passed by other local Djs to provide the perfect music for more epic parties.


If you have any thoughts on fameONE’s piece on Okinawan nightlife, or on anything else you’ve read – let us know. What’s your favourite club and who’s your favourite club Dj? Let us know though the comments section below or get in touch via emailTwitter and Facebook!

Peace, love and respect.