Clothing the Low Frequency Resistance - Dataset x FatKidOnFire

Clothing the Low Frequency Resistance

Dataset x FatKidOnFire

Throughout the many years FatKidOnFire’s been a thing (seven years, as of 2017 — madness), we’ve always supported those pushing their respective fields and boundaries. Whether that’s been in streetwear (where we started), music, technology or the broader (or less defined) cultural movements, FKOF is here to illuminate the underground.

We tested the collaborative waters earlier this year, returning to our fashion roots, with an extremely limited run of co-branded Napalm Sauce t-shirts with Tony (you’ll know him as Content) and the Encrypted Audio gang.

One the last few months, I’ve spent a bit of time talking to Miguel; the incredible talent behind Accent Creative and Dataset Clothing.

With Accent, Miguel provides design and animation work for some of the best record labels, artists and events in music. With Dataset, Miguel has built one of the defining fashion brands for underground electronic music. You’ll most likely have seen the likes of Joe Nice championing the brand’s VIP Logo t-shirt (alongside many of the other products you’ll find in the webstore).

I put my money where my mouth is earlier this summer, landing myself a Dataset coach jacket, two t-shirts and the incredible 5 panel Katakana. If you’ve seen me since the Dataset delivery arrived, you’ll know I’ve lived in the 5 panel (near daily) and was in the coach jacket all summer.

Miguel and I, over the last year or so, have floated the idea of working together around — but never actually got anywhere with it. Once I’d got my hands on a few Dataset products, I knew we had to do something.

So, today, I’m delighted to announce we’ve taken another step back into the streetwear world. If you head to the Dataset webstore, you’ll find three co-branded FKOF x DTST products.


We’ve pulled out all of the stops to bring you some gear we’re pretty sure you’re going to love. Working with American-based manufacturers (yes, everything is produced in the US), we’ve designed and produced an exclusive/ super limited 100 5 panel caps. 50 in red and 50 in black/ grey. And once the 100 are gone, that’s it. They’re gone.

And, because we’re nice like that, anyone who pre-orders* one, or both, of the hats before 16th December gets a limited edition FKOF x DTST (again, manufactured/ screen-printed in the US) t-shirt.


Oh, and we’ll throw in a FKOF x DTST die-cut sticker and two pin badges too. Once the pre-order ends, we’ll get all of the pre-orders out for delivery and any stock that’s left will move to full price. Did I mention that? We’re selling the pre-order product at a discount, too.

We’re doing the pre-order via the Dataset webstore to keep things simple. After December 16th, Miguel is taking the remaining stock from his half of the 100 and will sell them to the US via We will have the other 50 hats, and will sell them to anyone in the EU — to keep postage and packaging costs bearable for you lot. Keep your eyes open for the FKOF webstore link once it’s ready.

Head here for more on the black cap.
Head here for more on the red cap.
Head here for more on both caps.


Vive le resistance.


*Yes, this is a pre-order — hats are in production right now (we’ll update you once we have a firm delivery date for them from the factory)