FKOF10 - Celebrating our first decade


Celebrating our first decade

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Before we get started, sorry for the tardiness and big FKOF fam love to you and yours. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy in these crazy times. It’s no longer the actual birthday day – because I was holed up with all sorts of viral unpleasantness – but this week marks a bit of a milestone.

On the 16th March 2010, I installed Google Analytics on the nascent (Having just checked, there were 6 days between my first ever post under the FKOF name and GA going live. If you’ve not been with us that long, go have a lol. It’s a bit cringe, but hey, humble origins…!)

But anyway. I digress.

Since that date, I’ve always counted 16th March as the FKOF birthday. That means, on Monday, this little outfit was a whole 10 years old. Mad ting.


As alluded to over the last few months, the team (s/o Olaf and Matt) and I have been working on a few things to celebrate.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have heard the gist of it in my recent podcast chat with Juno Download’s KXVU. If you missed it, the lowdown (and my latest guest mix; scroll down for the track list) starts roughly 27m in.

So yeah. FKOF10.

8 tracks. 4 remixes. 2 records. 1 FKOF vibe: beats, bass and space.

The FKOF10 ‘A’ record features 4 artists new to both physical and digital imprints. We have original mixes from Feonix, Maes, Ourman, Eshone & Wheez-ie.

The FKOF10 ‘B’ record features 4 heavyweight remixes of FKOF material from the last 10 years. Distance has reimagined Roklem’s ‘Forged‘ from FKOFd039. N-Type has done Subreacher’s ‘Fear‘ from FKOFd002(!). LX One has put his twist on Phossa’s ‘Drones’ from FKOFd037. The godfather Benny Ill, the one and only Horsepower Productions, has remixed Madda from our 2016 FKOFd029 EP with Chokez.

Here are a few clips of the home masters. We’ll be sharing proper promos and pre-order/ release date once the masters are back from Beau…


  1. Feonix – Things I Say
  2. Maes – Jah, Jah Living
  3. Ourman – Lupin
  4. Eshone & Wheez-ie – Crawlspace


  1. Subreachers – Fear (N-Type remix)
  2. Chokez – Madda (Horsepower Productions’ 2D remix)
  3. Roklem – Forged (Distance remix)
  4. Phossa – Drones (LX One remix)

Lastly, because life is all seemingly going to shit right now, we’re running a bit of a FKOF10 party over on the FKOFd Bandcamp.

To make the most of Bandcamp’s amazing COVID-19 initiative tomorrow, we’re waiving our 50% of the royalties from the FKOFd back catalogue and giving you a 50% discount on the archive. Any revenues generated tomorrow through midnight Sunday 22nd March will go directly to the artists you support. We need to collectively do what we can to keep these amazing artists able to do their thing while the live side of the industry falls apart. Buy music, buy merch, support where you can. Please do your bit.

Enter ‘fkof10’ at checkout. Go here and get involved:

FKOF would not be a thing today without your support. There are too many people to shout and thank from the last decade – so thank you, each and all of you with us today, yesterday, 10 years ago for being part of the journey.


Peace, love and respect.