#FKOF7 - A long time coming


A long time coming

On this day, seven years ago, I installed the Google Analytics applet on the first version of FatKidOnFire’s web presence. Every year since, I’ve celebrated 16th March as the FKOF birthday. 2010 marked the start of a pretty incredible journey – one that launched my career, introduced me to a business partner, helped me kickstart my own company and took me all over the world.

FKOFSoundboys, LT with Content, Distance and the gang

If you look back at the content we’ve published over the last seven years, FKOF’s evolved from me and a notebook PC to a team in the Netherlands, the UK, the USA and, occasionally, even further afield. We’re a small group of likeminded individuals who have come together to champion subcultures – some more underground than others. As you may have seen, one of our unofficial strap lines is “Illuminating the Underground”.


The main subculture we’ve gained a following for over the years has been the music we all know and love. Soundsystem music. Dubstep. 140bpm bass music. Whatever the FKOF you want to call it. That’s what inspired me to join forces with Lara at MakeItGood back in 2010; which was arguably the decision that got us here today. Today, we’re a community of nearly 50,000 people around the world on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Absolutely bonkers! We’re also a chart-topping record label – a bedroom-run imprint capable of reaching #1 in the singles chart on one of the best independent dance music retailers online.

So, yeah. It’s been awesome. What’s the point I’m meandering to?

Today is our 7th birthday.

Tomorrow, our debut vinyl record is being mastered by the absolute wizard that is Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering. If you’ve been following the rather cryptic gifs and #FKOF7 on FKOF FB this afternoon, you’ll maybe have worked out who the release is from. If not, FKOFv001 features some truly interstellar music from Taiko, District and one of the UK’s best lyricists (an artist who takes his name from rather brightly coloured circular confectionary). FKOFv002 is half done and we’re on our way to sorting FKOFv003 too. There’s a tonne of artists we want to work with (or continue working with) with this new medium so, all in all, the first few years of releases should be pretty fire.

You guys, with your support over the last 7 years, have got us here today. We’re celebrating by launching an imprint to best champion our genre of music (as we said we would when we launched FKOFd). It’ll be a journey, whatever happens. Watch this space…

Peace, love and respect.