FKOFCOMP - Celebrating FKOF's 4th Birthday


Celebrating FKOF's 4th Birthday

**Update 01/05/14: we’ve just announced the winners (1 & 23 & 4 and 5) on the FKOF FB page!**

**UPDATE 17/04/14: FKOFCOMP has now closed!**

Today, 16th March 2014, marks FatKidOnFire’s fourth birthday. It’s yet another milestone in our (relatively) short but eventful history.

As is (sometimes) customary for FKOF milestones, I’ve been collecting prizes over the past year or so with a view to celebrate with an extra special FKOFCOMP…



I ran a similar FKOFCOMP in June of 2012, not for a birthday but to celebrate 1,750-2,000 fans on the FKOF Facebook page.

But because FKOF has had such a brilliant year, with the label taking off and reaching 5,000 FB fans and 10,000 SoundCloud followers, I’ve gone slightly bigger for this years’ competition.

I’ve been double buying vinyl releases from some of my favourite bass music labels over the past year (although some are older than 2012-13) and have selected some of my favourites from the resulting collection for five lucky winners. Most of the releases are long sold out and all are from first press.

2014’s FKOFCOMP features a pretty bumper prize pack, split across three tiers. There will be two Prize #3 and #2 winners and one Prize #1 winner; all chosen at random by our independent adjudicator.

How do you enter? -> Click here <- and purchase a £1 raffle ticket from 6pm GMT today until 6pm GMT 16/04/14. Nothing more, nothing less. The competition is open to anyone, anywhere. Once the raffle has closed, the five winning ticket purchasers will chosen and notified via email. Good luck!

2 x Prize #3

2 x Prize #2

1 x Prize #1

Thank you to everyone who’s supported, and continued to support, FKOF in its various guises over the last four years. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, it’s as simple as that!

For those of you wondering, the money generated from the raffle will go towards funding FKOFv001 later this year. I want to continue our work with the label but step it up a gear. What better way to do that than vinyl, funded by vinyl?! There’ll be more news on FKOFv001 over the next few months

Konvex recently reached 2,000 Facebook fans. We gave out Carrion today to celebrate.
Love and thanks to The Illuminated and RDG for donating
NMN009 and CV001 to the prize pack.

Peace, love and respect.